Friday, March 26, 2010

In Lieu of Writer’s Workshop

It’s Random Thoughts time!

Random Thoughts Big

  • Writer’s Workshop was “due” today. This week’s topics didn’t speak to me so I didn’t write for it. I wasn’t inspired. This post will have to do it for now.
  • Spring Break is one day away and I don’t know if it could be coming any slower. The week before school breaks always goes by slow, but this week, sheesh, IT IS DRAGGING.
  • I got my hair cut today. “It’s been awhile” would be an understatement. She cut off a lot, but it looks much healthier. I love coming home from the stylist because she always makes it look way better than I do. I wish I had something to do tonight so I could go out with good hair, because there is no way it will look that good tomorrow. Maybe if I had two hands in the back of my head I could make it look like it does tonight. Until then, just having healthy hair will have to do.
  • I’ve been having some computer problems recently – slow, freezing, etc. Over the course of the last couple of weeks I have been dealing with service techs and resetting things – I won’t bore you with the details. Every time I have to reset or turn off the computer without shutting it down correctly, I lose all my saved user names and/or passwords – blogger, facebook, the bank, online shopping, etc. It is frustrating because just about every site that I have signed up for has a different user name and possibly a new password. I have may regular name/password, but on some sites, the user name is already taken. That means I have to change it by adding a number or something to it, which I will NEVER remember. Sometimes the password needs to be more characters, so again I have to make up something new that I won’t remember. It seems to me that the email address/password combo is the best route. No one has the same email address so I don’t have to frantically make something up that I will forget later. Why don’t they just use the email for all online accounts? Who is in charge of that? I’d like to speak to them.


  1. I need to find a system to keep track of passwords/usernames...there are so many! It stinks that you are having computer issues.

    Haircuts always make me feel good too! Fresh!

    I hope you enjoy your break!

  2. I just hate all of the different usernames and passwords that we have to keep track of now. It is especially bad because different sites require different types of passwords, so I can't just have one password for everything. I just know that one of these days I am just going to forget them all. And then what?

  3. I hear you on the whole password/user name thing.

    I was having all those same slow freeze problems and some unwanted popups. I finally gave up on my service provider and did a restore on my laptop. I only restored it back one month and it solved the problem...except for reentering all the user names and passwords of course.

    You can google Winston (the wayward dog) to find out more info on him. He sure did have a lot of friends, didn't he?

  4. Computer troubles are the worst. It's just unbearable.

    Oh, and what Jason said, too

    Enjoy break!

  5. Let me know when you find out who is in charge of usernames and passwords, I'd like to talk to them too.

  6. I just pray that none of my stuff ever gets lost because I have NO idea what my user names are. Now passwords, the thing they tell you to constantly change? Well, those are ALL EXACTLY the same. And let's just say this, if you needed to break into all of my accounts, it would not be hard to figure out the password. Darn it! I hope that all gets fixed soon! kaishon's break starts on Friday : ) He is excited.

  7. I keep a file in my documents with all my passwords - i know that sounds dumb, and espeically if the computer dies, it dies to. So I print it everytime I add a new one, and keep it in my desk drawer, throwing out the old one.

    Now that may be dumb if you have super secret valuable passwords, because people could steal them. But if it's your user name and password for Chowhound LA, or Zappos, there's not a lot of risk.

    What I want to know is, why the heck do I need a password to freaking read the New York Times?