Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Sitting the Monster

While out of state for the holidays, my monster of a puppy is staying with my friends Kristen and Brian.  These are very dear friends who I hope will remain my dear friends after Rigby’s visit. 

Rigby is a a good dog, but she’s also crazy.  Since she is a herding dog she has so much energy.  The only way to tire her is long walks or runs at the dog park.  Unfortunately, since I have been gone, California has been experiencing torrential rains; more rain than we usually see over a year or two in just a couple of days.  One rainy day is enough to send me right over the edge with this crazy dog, so the fact that California is on it’s 5th day of rain is really testing my friendship with Kristen and Brian.

Kristen and I have been texting since I have left.  Other than frustration with the rain and not being able to get the dogs out to walk, the texts showed that generally things were going well.

Yesterday, there was a slight shift in texts…
”We’re still friends, but definitely not ready for a puppy any time soon…..I can’t seem to wear her out.”

This morning, this is what I received…
”Had to rescue baby Jesus from her this am.”

I told you she was rotten!


  1. well a plus, I've read that the reservoirs are higher than at anytime in the past. So you should have a goodish summer.
    Lovely dog btw.

  2. I can't believe that she mauled the Baby Jesus. I wonder if that Sin transfers over to you since you're her owner.
    Your poor friends. I feel their pain. I have a nutty dog too. Maybe I should send her out to you so the two can tire each other out!
    I'm on it!
    Your Friend, m.

  3. She looks adorable in the picture. Poor thing being stuck inside during the rain. Hope you are having fun.

  4. Happy Christmas and a lovely new year.

  5. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year from our family to you and yours. ~Santa Claus is alive and well in the hearts of children throughout the world.

  6. Oh dear. Well, I hope it all ended well. She is so cute!!