Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Hawaii

Every other year I spend Christmas in Hawaii. 2010 was my year to travel. Here are some highlights…
Spending a couple of days in Honolulu before heading to Kona. I left rainy Los Angeles only to arrive in flooding Honolulu.


photo12We washed away our rain sorrows with tropical beverages.
photo3After a rainy drive to North Shore, hoping to catch some big wave surfing, the storm actually decreased the wave size and there was little to see other than this big guy. Honus are my favorite part of Hawaii.

photo6photo8photo7photo9 photo10 photo11Spending Christmas in Hawaii doesn’t usually feel much like Christmas to me. It’s hot and humid…I like me a good winter. I’m never really feeling the holiday spirit when sweating. However, after a break in the rain, we ventured out to Honolulu City Hall. They decorated the entire square block for Christmas and it bettered my holiday mood a little bit.

The sun shown through the clouds as we prepared to depart to the Big Island.

photo13 Upon arriving in Kona, we finally saw our first sunset of the trip.
The next day was spent on a card-playing marathon. We played for 7 whole hours while it poured down more rain.

photo15Presents were wrapped and put by the tree.
photo16Christmas Eve was spent at home with friends and the famous “Hanukkah” brisket.

Shopping the day after Christmas always seems like a good idea on Christmas day. Not only was it crowded, but with the cost to carry luggage these days, shopping and traveling don’t really mix.
photo21 So it was a good time to have some more tropical drinks and watch the ocean.

photo19 photo20 photo22 photo23 photo24
Most of the final full day in Kona consisted of a trip to Hawi, a small art town with some great galleries and shops. There is a shop there called Pura Vida, and I visit it each time I come in to town. They have the most amazing jewelry.

Heading home this morning. It was a nice trip, but I’m glad to be on my way back home.


  1. Sorry can't compute Hawaii and Christmas.

  2. It looks beautiful. Glad you had a pretty good time and lots of great drinks. Its so pretty there.

  3. What a dreadful time. These photos look like hell.

    (You know how much I love to razz you about hating Hawaii!)

  4. I love these pictures. I want to play cards for seven hours while it rains outside. That's my kind of day!

  5. Someday I'll spend Christmas in Hawaii.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, SOME day...

    Those pictures of the tropical drinks really made me want one nowwww!