Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cards

This weekend I finished making, writing, stuffing, and addressing this year’s Christmas cards.

blog 039 (a sampling of the cards I made this year)

blog 055Over the last few years Christmas cards seem to have morphed into other things completely. Some send out the photo card printed with a generic messages while others send a newsletter type thing telling about the the past year. I’ve also received a few of the above in email form. Times are busy and Christmas cards seem to be something people feel like they need to do but don’t have time for. There’s nothing wrong with these holiday wishes, but I like to go old school; Hand made cards and handwritten greeting and addresses. It’s kind of a cathartic process for me. Afterwards I feel so accomplished. It might also be that this year I am not in town for the holidays so I don’t have a tree, my gifts will not be wrapped up with pretty paper and bows, and the house (inside and out) is decoration free. Part if me is relieved that there will not be any clean up after the holidays are over, but another part of me is feeling a little Grinch-y this year. The Christmas cards have helped.

Do you Christmas card, newsletter, email, or as my mom says “I don’t think I’m doing Christmas cards this year…I sent them last year”?


  1. Going through the struggle right now. How cool of you to create your own. I told you before, I'm not crafty that way. Good old photo with Generic message is good enough for me.
    And if I was own my own, I would take your Mom's advice.

  2. Definitely do Christmas cards : ) We don't have a tree yet and I feel terrible about it. Not terrible enough to do anything about it though. I think we will go tonight. It is just so flipping COLD! I sure do love how it makes the house smell when it is all done though. Positively merry!

    I send Christmas cards with pictures of my favorite boy. And I do a Christmas quiz. It isn't that exciting. It's just about our year. You know. I feel better when I do it too. Like, I am making an effort to spread love. After all, that is what really matters the most in all the world. Love.

  3. I'm not doing anything this year. It's a bummer, but we are so broke I can't afford the postage.

  4. I wish I could send cards this year, but like Unknown Mami, I just can't.

    I love to get them and I love to send them. I have never had the energy (or even considered) to make them...maybe next year though, because I love the idea.

  5. We are sending out cards with JDaniel's photo on it. I love the cards you made. Each one is really special.

  6. Oh You know me, I think we had an exchange about this a couple years ago.. I HATE those pre-messaged photo postcards!!!!

    When I lived in the US I used to do holiday cards every year, sometimes they went out on time, sometimes they went out in January as "New Year" cards.

    Over here it is such a pain to post a letter that I don't bother. You have to go to the post office stand in line to buy the stamps, then find a post box to post the cards.


  7. I always send generic photo cards...as you know. I've done a ltter or two, but always feel...does anyone REALLY care? I've only recieved 1 crad so far this year. Is that because I haven't sent mine out? Are people still doing cards? Would i get any cards if I dodn't send any? Just wondering.

  8. I always love your card and any personal card. Premade ones don't bother me AS LONG AS something is written on it, put a LITTLE effort into it. You could just send a blank sheet in the envelope for that matter.
    Still trying to find a picture for mine with a little note about the move. Though as I was telling my sister if they don't know we moved then why am I sending them a card. We send way too many!
    Can't wait to see which of yours we get!

  9. Again...I want to be you.

    I got my card this week in the mail from you and it is my favorite!

    Our house it all decked out, but that has left me without any desire to send out Christmas cards...again. When you get home, you are going to be SO GLAD that you don't have any cleanup!

    The good news is, I'm not feeling any of the usual Christmas anxiety that I have felt in the past! And I haven't even had to psyche myself out about it!

    PS-Do you need a ride to the airport?