Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Dog (Kind Of)

rigby 009Rigby is going to be one year old next month. Having a puppy in the house again has been fun but exhausting.

She is a very good thief; stealing things that don’t belong to her and running away with them. There was a period of time when anything she stole was destroyed.
rigby 032
Out of seven throw rugs around the house, only 2 remain. Other than every once in awhile she seems to have moved on from this poor behavior and channeled it elsewhere.

Rigby only has an on and off switch. There is no idle. Most of the time she is on the move…

rigby 027

rigby 029 playing with her toys

rigby 031 rigby 003

rolling around,

rigby 005

trying to herd anything that moves, and generally being blurry which is very difficult to photograph.

The rest of the (much,much less) time she is out. I do not mean that she gets sleepy and finds a good spot to take a nap. Instead, wherevershe happens to be overcome with sleep, she flops to the ground and is out.

rigby 012

rigby 014

Whether it be while sitting on the stairs looking out the window…

Picture 013Or after a long walk and before the leash even gets removed from her collar.

She is still such a long a lanky puppy and doesn’t seem to have any awareness of her body. So the flopping often ends up hitting someone or something nearby. Sleep, however, is my favorite way to spend time with her. She is very cuddly and so, so quiet.

Overall Rigby minds very well. She knows her basic commands and obeys them most of the time. If she is distracted by the wind, a bird, or even her tail…well then she doesn’t. All of her crazy behavior is somewhat endearing because she really is a cute, good dog. She’s still just a rotten puppy.

However, the last few weeks a new bad habit has surfaced. Let’s just say the backyard is beginning to look like the moon. Rigby has been supplied with many, many toys to keep her busy and out of trouble. But this seems to have backfired as she has become very protective of them and wishes to hide them in holes in the backyard. There are little holes and gigantic holes everywhere!
rigby 019
rigby 021
rigby 026This is her newest crater. Doesn’t she look proud?

I have tried everything to stop this digging. I keep telling myself that she will grow out of it and once she does the backyard will get reseeded and all will be fine. But every time I come home and see a new hole I get a little frustrated. Hopefully it is just another puppy stage. Fingers crossed!



  1. That picture of her sleeping on the stairs is priceless!
    Hopefully, she will outgrow the digging. Yikes! She is probably very smart. I've heard that very smart dogs often get bored and look for things to occupy their minds.

  2. I love the picture of her sleeping on the stairs! It amazes me how they can just plop down and sleep. My Diesel does the roll around on her back too. It cracks me up!

  3. Rigby looks like a great dog! Our dogs have added so much joy to our lives. I don't know how we lived without them!

  4. Happy Birthday Rigby : )
    Love the pictures to bits.

  5. I think that you need to get Rigby a puppy to play with. I'm serious.
    Your Friend, m.

  6. Aw, she is such a cute dog! Rigby would have trouble digging holes in our yard right's covered in snow and frozen solid!

  7. My dog also loves to dig, much to my frustration. We have tried so many ideas... my favorite though was when we decided to hide a balloon in the spots she liked to dig... yeah, we look out the window and there she was walking around with a balloon in her mouth and swatting 2 more with her paws. They were supposed to pop and scare her... nope didn't work. The kids had to run out and gather them up before she popped them and choked... I definitely wasn't thinking. Good Luck!!!

  8. I love the pics of her sleeping on the stairs - classic!

  9. Love the pictures of her sleeping on the stairs... but puppies are a lot of work

  10. She's worse than a real life baby! Good thing she's so cute! ;)

  11. You should have just adopted a human baby. They're much easier.

  12. The pictures are so sweet....I love her trolling around and loving life!

    As for teh digging...did you leave a copy of Holes lying around?

    Happy B-day to you Rigby!

  13. ...make that ROLLING and the....need to proof read before I hit enter!!

  14. I was hoping to read your comments and find a suggested solution to the digging issue!

    The Great Dane discovered digging about a year ago. The entire back garden and it's beautifully lanscaped gardens, over flowing violets, ground cover were 90% destroyed.

    He doesn't dig to hide things, he digs to make a nice cool dirty bed for him to rest.

    What I had to do was walk around the property with a giant wheelbarrow collecting hundreds of good sized rocks and turned all of the dig prone areas into rock gardens, placing the rocks at intervals which were too small for him to lay down and transplanted violets, lavender, between the rocks.

    Actually it has almost fully established now and looks better than before.

    Anyway, it worked, except then he moved to the lawn and dug up huge portions of the lawn.

    Now he is banished from the back garden. Which worked excellently!

    Except now he digs up the lawn and garden beds in the front.

    This is exceptionally frustrating as he can choose to dig up acres of orchard and horse paddocks or even the area of garden on the "unseen" side of the house!

    I once heard the only solution is to section off a dog only area of the garden where they can dig all they like.

  15. The pictures are so sweet.That picture of her sleeping on the stairs is awesome.Thanks..