Monday, January 31, 2011

January is Over (So Far I’m One for One)

I started a new art journal on January 1st.  This new year I planned on creating a calendar each month to help with my quest of journaling everyday.  Shortly after creating my January calendar, I happened upon Kate from The Kathryn Wheel.  She is an amazing artist from the UK.  Her work is so inspiring to me.  As is happens, she posts a calendar challenge.  Each month, calendars that have been created are posted to her site using a linky thing so others can view all the posted artwork.  I excitedly threw my hat in the ring for this challenge.

Full on art journaling everyday did not happen (like that was a surprise), but keeping up with the calendar in the journal was a small way of journaling when I didn’t have time for a complete page. 

Here is this month’s calendar.  I love the calendars on Kate’s page and I plan on trying one like that in the near future.  January’s calendar was created using fluid acrylics, poster paint markers, and watercolor crayons (to grunge it up a bit).  Paint drips were used to create the calendar boxes.
blog 016blog 018
I can’t believe January is over!  I’m off to start working on February!


  1. I love that you are so creative : ) Beautiful! Way to go completing the first month! You are so good!

  2. Happy to have you join us, lovely page for Jan. Well done hope you keep up with us.
    Love your pup too. x

  3. Lovely pages for January and I like the colours you have chosen.

  4. Great Jan page, love your style! x

  5. This is great. Its really worth doing it the whole year. I did it all last year and I'm just in love with looking through my pages. Your book is great. I love the color you used for your Jan page.

  6. Your colors are lovely. Having a calendar as part of your art journal seems also to show time passing, and the growth involved.
    How do you find working with watercolor crayons? I love using watercolor, but have never tried the watercolor crayons.

  7. Found you through Kate's 365 Challenge. I love your kinda colours :)