Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Movie Post

Avitable posted this the other day. I’m not quite sure I can do it because I don’t tend to venture out on my movie genres. I like just a few certain types of movies so I may not be able to fill in all the categories. I just noticed that these are supposed to be posted a movie a day. How nice to have 31 posts ready to go, but there is no way I can fill 31 posts about movies. I love movies, but don’t really analyze them. I like them or I don’t. Books, I can analyze, movies are a guilty pleasure. So here we go…

Day #1: Favorite Movie – The Godfather

Day #2: Least Favorite Movie – The Jackal

Day #3: Favorite Comedy – Swingers

Day #4: Favorite Adventure – Hook

Day #5: Favorite Horror – too scary

Day #6: Favorite Suspense/Thriller – The Departed

Day #7: Favorite Animated Movie – How to Train Your Dragon

Day #8: Favorite Guilty Pleasure – Tie - Clueless and Bring it On

#9: A Movie You Never Expected To Love – Australia

Day #10: Biggest Let-Down – The Bounty Hunter

Day #11: First Movie You Saw In Theaters – Star Wars (the first one made) with my Dad

Day #12: The Last Movie You Saw In Theaters – Unknown

Day #13: Favorite Documentary – March of the Penguins

Day #14: Favorite Satire – Dogma

Day #15: A Movie With Your Favorite Actor – Michael Clayton

Day #16: Favorite Movie Based On A Book – Bridget Jones’ Diary

Day #17: Favorite Movie With An Actor You Hate – Knight and Day

Day #18: Movie You Can Watch On Loop – Tie – Oceans 11-13 and Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum

Day #19: Favorite Movie Based On A Historical Event – The Gladiator

Day #20: Favorite Movie Based On A Historical Figure – Charlie Wilson’s War

Day #21: Favorite Musical – Tie – Grease and The Commitments

Day #22: Most Over-Rated Movie – Avatar

Day #23: Most Under-Rated Movie – Rocknrolla

Day #24: Movie With Best Soundtrack – Bend it Like Beckham

Day #25: Favorite Black and White Movie – Casablanca

Day #26: Cheesiest Horror Movie – Don’t Watch Horror

Day #27: Favorite Oscar-Winning Movie – The Godfather

Day #28: Favorite Made-For-Television Movie – Nadia

Day #29: Favorite Movie Based On A Television Series – Sex and the City

Day #30: Favorite Re-Make – Tie – The Italian Job and Ocean’s 11

Day #31: Favorite Sequel – The Godfather II

Hey. look at that...I did it! Your turn.


  1. Wow. I don't think I can do it, but if you tried...well so will I : )

  2. How can you not know what the last movie was that you saw in a theater?

  3. Wow...I am not sure I could come up all thsoe movie titles...I may give it a try...Happy 3 day weekend for you...I hope...I have the week off!!

  4. I'm echoing what Jason said. How can you not remember what the next movie you saw was?

  5. Umm, way too hard to copy, but I laughed out loud at Nadia. My sister and I were obsessed with that movie!

  6. I will say that the original Star Wars trio were about the greatest movies of all time...

  7. No horror? I like that stuff! Not exclusively, by any means.

    My favorite movie is Life as a House. It is NOT horror!!!

  8. Who knew, Snow-whites natural progeny, Anne Hathaway, had a funny bone.
    Or at least can remember lines anyway.

    I'd have Schindler's List on mine.