Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Field Trip Gone Wild

Today was the 2nd grade field trip. We went to a teaching zoo. It’s a very tiny, but a very nice zoo, and is usually a very nice field trip. This year was the exception.

stuff 002
As usual, we stopped at the restroom before the long ride. So far, so good.

stuff 003
We boarded the buses with the other classes and headed to our destination.

All was well.

stuff 004
We arrived at the zoo just in time to start the animal show.

stuff 006 stuff 005
Our four classes filed in and took our seats. We saw animals like goats, servals, parrots, miniature horses, and a dog that did tricks.
stuff 054 stuff 015 stuff 027 stuff 033

The “performers” also called three students from my class to be part of the show.
stuff 012 stuff 019 stuff 022
Aren’t they cute?

Yah, I thought so too, until they turned into wild children during the tour part of the trip. This class has been HARD. Individually they are all very nice kids, and I enjoy each and every one individually. Together however the class dynamic has been  exhausting.

As we walked out of the show to meet our tour guide, the craziness began. Anything remotely fun makes these kids fall apart. Which is why I don’t do anything fun in class this year, and also why I was dreading this trip. As soon as they saw the first animal that we walked past, we lost them. No matter how many times the guide told them to follow her, no one did! I had to stop the tour at that time and remind everyone about their manners, or lack their of.
stuff 072 stuff 057 stuff 058stuff 067
We did manage to get some pictures of the primates.

The monkeys pushed these kids (and their teacher) right over the edge. To the point that when we saw the American bald eagle
stuff 075
the kids got so excited they actually pushed our tour guide out of the way. A few have no concept that anyone else exists besides themselves and what they are trying to obtain. In this case a view of the birds was enough to reek havoc. While dealing with some students not listening to directions in the back of the line, I pounced to the front of the line, reprimanded the culprits, and pulled them back with me.

The following came out of my mouth over and over and over again for the remainder of the tour…
stuff 078
”Remember, you need to walk on the walkway, not in the roses (or in the bushes, in the dirt, on someone’s foot).”stuff 079
”Remember, she told us the animals might get scared and bite. Keep your hands out of the cages.” stuff 080
”Walk!”stuff 082
”Even though you are excited, you need to use quiet voices so we don’t scare the animals.”
stuff 083
”She (the guide) just answered that question. Please be a first time listener.”

”Do not yell! You will scare the animals.”

And to put the icing on the cake, one cute little boy threw a rock at the very last animal we saw…
stuff 086 This darling bird who carried its ball around wanting to share it with us.

At that point I completely lost my mind.

One more week left of school. I hope I can make it.


  1. Oh no : ( I am sorry about your stress. Thank goodness just one week left. Kaishon's last day is on Monday and he is SO happy about it. It's not even funny how happy he is!

  2. I could never handle that without losing my mind. One more week...hang in there!

  3. I am laughing as I am reading this because I can totally hear you saying all those things. I hope next year will be easier!

  4. Wow! After reading this post, I actually hate kids now. Who knew!
    Have a restful weekend. m.

  5. You should have gathered them all up, sat them down and told them this is why you don't take field trips, etc. You were disappointed etc.....they can behave or you will leave...or you could have just left....but what a good teacher you are and you stuck it out:) good for you:)

  6. @Becky - oh I bet he is!

    @GJ - can't wait! I think I'm more excited than the kids! More relieved anyways.

    @lacy - :) you all will be in for a great treat when this group gets to upper grade...get your armor ready.

  7. @mark - I know right! See how much I needed you to chaperone. :)

    @anonymous - I'm actually feeling totally ineffective this school year as nothing has worked. After the tour I stopped them to the side on the way to the bus to head to the 2nd part of the field trip, and lit into them. We couldnt leave since we were on the buses with 3 other classes, but they were threatened if the behavior continued they'd sit on the bus with me while the well behaved students would continue with the other teachers. It worked, but isn't it sad that it has to come to freaking out and yelling at them to behave. Arghhh!

  8. Sounds like a blast...NOT!!!! Should have just locked them up in the cages! ;)

  9. When I came back to live here in Ireland I brought a bunch of teens hiking through the mountain. One of their brothers, a ten year old pleaded to come also. I agreed against my better judgment. He fell into a mountain stream and actually turned blue. I didn't believe that could actually happen, the blue thing. But I never went hiking with kids ever again.
    Truly, I don't know how you do it at all.

  10. @Jlo - I know!

    @Vince - Oh my goodness! That would have been soooo scary. I've not had any illnesses or injuries on a field trip, but I worry about that when we leave ALL the time.

  11. You certainly do not get paid enough! May your next week go by quickly and painlessly!

  12. @M - After some phone calls home yesterday, our behavior was more appropriate today. Still, it's the end of the year so they are like little kettles waiting to boil.