Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tweet Jesus

This morning on the news, it was announced that the Pope sent out his first “tweet” yesterday.  I’m not really sure why, but I found the story, the idea of the Pope embracing social media, the photos of the Pope on an ipad, pretty much everything, quite amusing.  pope2Even though I blog and intermittently use Facebook, I have not taken on the whole Twitter thing.  I don’t quite get its concept or its appeal.  What I do know is the likes of Charlie Sheen, the “Octomom”, and various reality show participants use Twitter to give us a play-by-play of their insane lives or lob vicious attacks on each other.  Regardless of my take on organized religion, I just don’t put the Pope into the same category as those public figures who have chosen to tweet. 

On the other hand, with the scandals that have plagued the Catholic church and the decline in the number of people who practice Catholicism, maybe this is a smart move.  Using social media to reach young people has worked in so many other cases.

What do you think?  Should the Pope tweet or not?


  1. Sure. Why not?

    After all who doesn't want to know what the pope just saw Hangover 2 and thought it rocked or that on the way to work he just passed a squirrel eating a nut.

  2. I'd be far happier if they opened the Archive and told us exactly what they knew about the scumbag priests brothers and nuns. Those so-called holy people that were destroying little babies one way and another.

  3. Oh great! Now even the Pope's cooler than me.
    I don't tweet either. And for some odd reason, I'm getting away from Facebook. I feel like I can't keep up with it all.

  4. Vince has an interesting idea! Maybe the pope could tweet all about the Archives and the scumbag priests.

    I actually started tweeting a couple of years ago. It lasted for about two seconds.

    I think tweeting (and Facebook, to a degree) is blogging for people who just don't really like to write.

  5. @Hula - Ha! I thought the same thing. Will he tweet the humdrum details of his life like so many others do? :)

    @Vince - Do you think that will ever happen? Pushing it further under the rug is far easier than displaying it on the front porch. It's disgusting.

  6. @Mark - I have the same feelings about FB. The reason I'm on it was a good reason at the time I guess, but I feel like it's run its course with me. If I think too hard about any of this social media, I kind of want to move to a cabin in the forest without an internet connection.

  7. Not a tweeter here either...probably get me in more trouble than I already have by blogging :)

  8. My comment disappeared, so I hope you don't end up with two from me.

    What I said was.....I think it's kind of neat that the Pope is cooler than Mark. I think the Holy Father should tweet, just as long as he doesn't twitter any body parts.

  9. @Will and Jen - agreed

    @M - Ha! No kidding!

    @GJ - Oh boy, that would be blasphemous wouldn't it? Although knowing this organization's history, he probably wouldn't have to resign like Weiner did.