Friday, June 17, 2011

Worry, OH! Worry, Worry, Worry, Worry

Have you ever seen this commercial?

If you haven’t, take a moment to watch as it’s quick and quite fun.  Plus, “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne is a great song.

Rigby has turned into this dog.  Over the last few months the natural instincts have kicked in, and she is now a giant worry wart about her bones (both real and pet store varieties).  rigby 011
As I write this, she is pacing around the room with a bone in her mouth; a nervous wreck.

She will wander around the house looking for places to bury it.  Once she finds a place, she returns over and over while finally picking it back up and pacing all over again.  

It all started a couple of months ago.  I was paying the bills and the torn envelopes/paid bills were sitting in a pile on the bed.  Rigby set her bone down next to the pile and then used her nose to push the pile of trash over it.  She spent a few minutes moving her eyes from me, back to the the “hidden” bone, and back to me.  Then she pushed the pile off to the side, picked up the bone, and paced around the room again. 

In addition to the burial ground that is my backyard, bones have been hidden in the laundry basket, inside my shoes, behind the toilet, under the bedside rug, in the trash can, and most endearingly, under my pillow.  At this point, I think she would take them back and forth to the bank if I would let her. 

Watching her is very entertaining, but I do kind of feel bad when she can’t relax. 

rigby 018 
art 035 art 002
Eventually though, she does wear herself out and finally takes a break.


  1. If I give my one a full biscuit or a cut of bread. It has to be unbroken for some reason. Then she will take it outside and bury it. If they are broken she'll eat them.
    But when she does all that mooching about, I just tell her to SIT DOWN and she seems happy enough to have the call made for her.
    Having said all that I'm up since before dawn because she was crying at my door like a bloody child.

  2. I love that commercial! There is another one along the same lines, but they don't show it anymore.

    JJ does the same thing but with dog biscuits or pizza crust (kind of like Vince's dog). But JJ buries his in the house. He likes to bury under pillows. If he sees me even looking in his direction he unburies it and goes from room to room looking for a place to re-bury it. I have found them under my bed pillow in the middle of the night. It's so funny to watch him dig, and then cover it up using his head to push the faux dirt on top.

  3. You would think it would hurt her being spread out on your bed like that. m.

  4. @Vince - They are so funny. Rigby is the same - it gets to a point that she is just beside herself and almost seems to feel better when I make her stop either by taking the bone away or telling her to go to her bed.

    @GJ - I've never had a dog that was so "hide happy" with toys and bones and treats. Koho was also a cattledog like Rigby and they share so many of the same herding instincts, but this worrying about the bone is new.

  5. @Mark - Isn't that the funniest picture? That is the "I'm mad that you made me stop (fill in the blank) so I'm just going to flop down and pout" look. She cracks me up!

  6. Wish I could relax like that!

  7. That's how Lucky feels about me. Has to be near me or on me lest she has a nervous break down. Gotto love dogs!