Friday, July 8, 2011

Project Declutter, Days 1-3

My house is full.  FULL!  It’s been time to do something about it for awhile now, but now that I am on vaca I don’t have any more excuses to put it off. 
Project declutter began on Wednesday.  I started in the garage, but since I forgot to take before and after pictures you’ll just have to take my word for it.  It’s beautiful!

Yesterday, I moved upstairs to my bedroom.  Actually, my closet was in most need of help.  If I use it correctly, it is a very organized and efficient closet.  However, when I get busy I don’t put anything away, and my shoes and clothes end up on the floor.   It got so bad this time that I couldn’t walk in the walk-in closet.
  stuff 002stuff 001
After getting the first layer out, the shoe layer remained.
stuff 004
Clearly, I have a sneaker and flip flop problem. 

About 3 hours of refolding, rehanging, and removing.  My closet is now back to an organized state…
stuff 005 stuff 006 
stuff 007And the floor is visible again!

I only had a couple of hours to work yesterday, so bedroom/bathroom decluttering continued today. Bureau drawers were refolded and many items were discarded.  Moving on to the bathroom…I can not tell you how long it has been since I’ve decluttered the bathroom.  Well actually, yes I can if the antibiotic/pain killer prescription bottles are any indication
stuff 012
We’ve got 2009, 2008, 2005, and 2004.  I think 2004 is our winner! 

The medicine cabinets, drawers and under the sink cabinets were overflowing with unused and empty “stuff”!

stuff 011

stuff 013
stuff 014Oh look!  Another expired prescription bottle! 
 stuff 010stuff 009stuff 015 stuff 016

This part actually took no time at all because I simply threw almost everything away – most of it empty or expired!  
Everything left over was moved into one medicine cabinet…one is empty.
stuff 022 stuff 023 stuff 024
Although this was uncovered at the bottom of the empty one.  Hmmm, that’s a bit disconcerting isn’t it?

The under the sink contents now all fit under one sink.
stuff 018

stuff 019
And, I found my retainer!  I don’t think I’ve seen that thing since college.

stuff 002 stuff 001
And three drawers were downsized to using only two!

Decluttering has such a good feeling! 
stuff 021
After two days in the master, I have 3 bags to donate and 2 bags of trash.  Now only 5 rooms and a back yard to go before the entire house is half as full!

What is your summer project?


  1. The best way is to buy a canopy and hoik a room's contents to the backyard. Then do a M.A.S.H on the stuff.
    Those who are likely to live, regardless of what care they receive;
    Those who are likely to die, regardless of what care they receive;
    Those for whom immediate care might make a positive difference in outcome.
    Well a variant of it anyways. Where it goes in one side of teh canopy to go out one of three. 1,crap. 2, need this today/week. 3, need this year. This also prevents my sin of moving things a little nearer to the rubbish bin each year using the 'ah, you never know when' principle and at one swipe reduces the crap by 65%.

  2. @Vince - I love the MASH plan. I might have to try that for the rest of the rooms. I am guilty of holding on to something just in case I need it someday. After awhile I feel like I'm living my own episode of Hoarders so I finally toss it. Inevitably though, I find a need for the very thing I kept for years and finally threw out!

  3. Yay! That's what I need to do only to my classroom! I am moving...and it has been 14 years since the last move!

    All your cleaning looks great...and best of all I am sure it feels great!


  4. @Marey - I keep walking into the rooms that I've cleaned and get excited because I'm so used to them being crowded. It is a nice feeling.
    You have to move? If I had to do that, I'd cry. My classroom? Oh, dear! The things that I normally leave out through the year have to be put away for "cleaning" over the summer. My cupboards are SO full that I end up shoving things wherever I have room. When August comes I can't find half of it. We got to keep our keys this year, so I really should go in and take care of it...but I probably won't. :)

  5. I have never been so turned on in all my life. And here, I was going to start searching for Amateur home-made porn but I'm so happy that I stopped here first. I'm totally spent!
    Great Job! First you detailed your car and now this. You're so hot! m.

  6. @mark- Rarrrr! Had I known that would be the reaction I'd have done it a lot sooner. ;) Ha ha ha!

  7. Wow what an accomplishment! I hope you didn't get rid of any flip flops! You can never have enough of those.

    Wait! It looks like you got rid of your Aqua Net! Seriously?

  8. @GJ-only a couple old old pairs of flip flops. Ha! Yes the aquanet was to acquire big hair for an 80s party a couple years ago. I figure if I need it again I can handle spending 99cents for a new can. :)

  9. Good job and good luck on getting the rest of the house done!

  10. I've done nothing. Nothing all summer. I love that you had aqua net in your cupboard. NOw I need to do something productive. Thanks a lot Kim!!!