Monday, July 4, 2011

Summa, Summa, Summertime (summertime)

Summer officially arrived this week.  One, it was my first week of summer break.  Two, the temperatures reached 100+ for most of the week. 
stuff 026

It’s not odd for our temps to exceed 100 degrees, but it is a bit odd for it to be this early into summer.  Usually in July, we hover in the 90s, which allows us to acclimate to the hotter weather which mostly arrives in August and September.  No acclimating this week.  It was damn hot!

Last year after adopting the puppy, we began going to the dog park.  During our second visit, a yellow lab taught Rigby how to paddle in the water bowl.  Not everyone was a fan of this behavior, but it was pretty cute.  Someone told me to get a kiddie pool for her to play in at home.  I spent the rest of the summer searching high and low for one,  but apparently August was just too late for pools.  Once spring arrived this year, the little plastic pools started popping up at the discount stores.  I snagged one, even though it was still pretty cool outside.  This week’s temperatures persuaded me to pull it out of the garage. 
stuff 009She quickly brought all her toys to the pool.
stuff 015Let the paddling begin!
stuff 034In case you missed it, it’s a pink Barbie pool!
stuff 026 The nice thing about the heat is it tires out this crazy puppy a lot quicker than normal.

The Farmer’s Market finally has the summer fruit for sale.  The spring pickings are kind of limited as the apples and oranges are no longer at their best, but the peaches, grapes, nectarines and strawberries aren’t quite ready.  The Farmer’s Market was gorgeous this week.
stuff 239 stuff 235 stuff 236 stuff 237 stuff 238  
White corn was on sale at the market this week.  Five ears for $1.00!  Fresh corn, right off the cob, is delicious.  I bought a ton and cut off the kernels.  Now there are several baggies of fresh corn waiting in my freezer, ready to use in all sorts of yummy summer cooking!
stuff 241stuff 243

Happy Summer!


  1. That is one cool pool! Have a happy 4th. Do the dogs mind the fireworks?

  2. Bwahahahahaha, 40'C, BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    The only way my thermometer could hit 40 would be if I threw it on the fire.
    My hound has a babies bath which I fill with the hosepipe. I'd never seen the word gingerly in action before. I make her get into it, which she does in a technical way. I that her front legs are in the water but her hind ones are balanced in the edge of the bath. If reincarnation exists my hound was a lawyer. And a pretty good one at that, if her actions in the current life are anything to go by.

  3. Happy puppy! Happy tummy! Happy 4th! There's a ton of fresh fruit and veggies for sale on corners here in NY...who would've thought?

    I hope it cools off some for you..I hope there is some hear for me when I return...last year's summer was so cold and this winter was all rain...hoping for some sun this summer!

  4. I love the barbie pool and Rigby's happy little face!

    And of course you know I love a good Farmer's Market. Great pics!

  5. @Becky - Rigby seems to be fine with the fireworks, or at least she was last year when she was 4 months old. I'll still let her stay in tonight when I leave for the evening because one never knows for sure. I have a friend whose dog completely tore up their backyard because of the fireworks last year.

    @Vince - Well, it feels like we are on fire I'll tell you that much. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

  6. @M - I always found that surprising to be in NYC or Boston and still be able to find really good produce. I remember that it was unseasonably cool last year too. It was so pleasant. This is not!

    @Jason - I'll let you know when I go next week. You can come too!

  7. The shots of the Farmers Market tell me I need to get cracking to a visit at the one down the street. Peaches and Strawberries are at there peak here and can't be beat. Ice Cubes in the water bowl is a good way to keep the puppie cool as well !

  8. @3rdnlong - The white peaches are my favorite. Ice cubes are a good idea, but the problem I have is that she dumps out her outside water dish in order to carry it around the backyard. :)

  9. I have that same Barbie pool! I'll be damned if I put one foot into Fred's white-trash pool.
    Hope you had a good Fourth! m.

  10. Ummm...that is a pink Princess pool. Not Barbie...DUH! Lucky wants a play date! :)

  11. WOW. That farmer's market looks divine.

    Your dog makes that pool look fun.

    Where are you where it doesnt get scorching until the latter part of the summer?

  12. @Mark - Oh, so it's Fred's barbie pool?!?! Great, low key 4th, how 'bout you?

    @Michelle - Los Angeles, July is not generally our scorching month. It's warm, but not sweltering like it is right now. Ugh!

  13. The best part abour summertime are the peaches!!!

    We are in the middle of winter down here and even where I live in the "fruit bowl" it is the time of year when there is absolutely no fruit, leaves or blossoms on any of the orchard trees. :(

    So seeing the pics of your farmer's market trip makes me inspired for what's to come soon... ish.