Sunday, January 22, 2012

The End is Here

As nice as a month long vacation is, it is brutal when it’s over.  I’ve gotten so used to staying up LATE and sleeping in and basically not having a job and playing all day.  What a shock to my system 5:30 tomorrow morning is going to be!  I spent the day sulking and trying to make my remaining few hours of vacation last as long as possible.  It didn’t work.  It’s already my work bedtime.  I don’t like work bedtime.  Vacation bedtime is so much more fun.  But there is good news…Only 48 more days until spring break!

Before turning in for the night, I’ll leave you with this video.  The song, which is a favorite of mine, has been out for a year or more, but I just happened upon the video today.  It makes me smile…


  1. Ah well. But why so early. They start here at 9.15am. Do you have a huge commute.
    Do you have that a.b.c.d. streaming so they can get as much as they can from the infrastructure. Or are your group the only cohort of that age at the school.

    My coffee is shite this morning.

  2. Summer will be here before you know it!

  3. @Vince - Oh 9:15? I wish. School starts at 8, but I need to get there between 7 and 7:30. Getting up to an alarm is awful, but even worse when it's still dark outside.
    What is "abcd streaming"? Here, there are 4+ classes of the age I teach. We are self-contained classrooms, in a sense, but we do a lot of switching and working together within our team.

  4. @The Blonde Duck - Oh, you're killing me with that talk of summer. That's still many more days away. I'm focusing on 48. :)

  5. I read it's a big thing over your way. Where the year is staggered with the school year starting at two/three month intervals. Such that the school is in use all year round and from 8 til 6pm each day.

  6. It is so hard to go back to work after a long vacation. I remember the wait for vacation seemed so long and the vacation so short.

  7. @vince - ah yes! Multi track. That is used for space saving, while one class is on vacation another teacher, called a rover, moves in for the month. The schedule was nice - 3 months on 1 month off, but the roving or having to pack up each month was awful. Luckily, my district no longer has serious overcrowding issues, so we aren't on tracks anymore. However our schedule is more 3/1 than the really long summer, which I like.
    Everyone's time schedule is little different, we go 8-3 with kids. Some of our kids stay til 6 for extra help. I know the high schools use the staggered day, but elementary school like mine has more traditional hours.

  8. @banker chick - the first week of vacation is so nice thinking about all that is left of it. The last week all I thought about was the end! Oh well, now I'm back, it's like I never left.

  9. I can't see the video, if you let me know what it is, I can look it up on YouTube and smile as well.

    I just remembered that when I was in high school, we had to get there at 7:15/7:30 to start at 7:45am. Do you know how dreadful that was for a 15 year old who didn't go to sleep until 4:00am? And my first period class was always something like Chemistry or French.

    So if it was painful for me, I can imagine how painful it would be for a teacher who has to arrive even earlier and more than likely has a longer commute to get to the school.

    How is your toe doing?

  10. I watched the video but had to turn the sound down because I got both music from your blog and the You Tube...made me feel like I was in my classroom trying to separate the voices of 5 kids talking to me at once :)

    I hope today went well...I love the first day back after's like the first day of school only you know all their names...then the next week gets crazy!

    Count down to spring break has begun!!

  11. @Hula - That's weird. I'll email it, or it's on my facebook. It'll make you smile. :)
    I'm the opposite of a morning person anyways, so this job KILLS me in the morning. Toe is pretty good...looks nasty but feels fine, I even wore boots today!

    @M - Oh sheesh I forgot all about the music player on the side...I always just have my computer on mute. I used to get gobs of comments from people who liked the music I posted, but it always just scared me when it blares on and I'm not expecting it.
    As for the day, we had a new schedule starting today, a longer day starting today, our AP absent today (who is in charge of the scheduling), it poured down rain today, AND I had a meeting from 3:30-6:45 needless to say it WAS a long and crazy day. But, it was fun to see the kids, and they were quite well-behaved considering all the craziness.

  12. I was also wondering when you are going to post of photo of this toe???!!!