Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thoughts On Day Three of Testing

Yes, it’s only Wednesday.  Testing weeks are SO boring and therefore make the days crawl.  Even though I am not involved in one single minute of the testing, other than to assign the directions, I am exhausted and my nerves are a little frayed.  This is the first year I haven’t worked for an admin who beat his chest and harped on test scores, which is a relief and the year has been far less nerve-wracking, with that being said the importance is known, for a lot of reasons – one being it’s my first year at the new school and it would be nice to have been successful.  So handing off a year’s worth of instruction in multiple choice format to seven year olds, well it’s bound to cause some anxiety. 

It doesn’t help when, after all the directions are given and the students (some who are just beginning to read independently) are set out on their own, a handful come up with their test booklet after a very short period of time and say, “I’m done.”  More than once this week I’ve said these words… “Really?  You’re done?  It’s only been five minutes?  I couldn’t even have finished it in five minutes?”  And so it goes, these little beings who don’t understand the stakes of high-stakes testing, who don’t know that schools are ranked by how well THEY do on the test, and so don’t really care to put forth the time needed to be successful.  It’s a lot to ask of a seven-year-old.  It really is. 

I can’t believe there are 7 more days of it.  There really are.

On a side note, I had plans to make this post a bit humorous because it’s been a funny  week.  I had to finish my book club book (The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe) first before writing however.  I just finished it and haven’t stopped crying since.  I’m kind of a wreck.  What wonderful inspiring book, but it brought up a lot of emotions.  It’s a must read if you are a reader.


  1. I forget you were in a different place last year. I'm truly glad you are noticing the difference.
    Anyhoo, a big squeezy hug.
    Dream up something nice for yourself once you've finished. How far is the Getty from you. You're in that quadrant of the city as PP aren't you.
    There's one kick ass exhibition on there at the moment. Or at the villa there is one on Sicilian art.

    1. :)
      Vince, you have NO idea how much I've noticed a difference. It was such a good decision. This year's class is freaking nuts, but they've got nothing on the toll that constant workplace drama takes. Everyone is happy and low key. Shoot, I'm high strung enough, I don't need anyone else winding me up. It was a good move.
      As a matter of fact I was at the Villa a couple of weeks ago, right after "Sicily" opened. I enjoyed it. The Villa is nice no matter what due to it's beautiful location. What's the exhibit at the Getty Center you mention?

    2. The Rubens drawings. His paintings are a bit baroque for me. But his drawings are something else. The darn things are near to being alive. Google Rubens Drawings in the images you'll see what I mean. Lucky you.

      High strung or no. What was done to you was pretty much constructive dismissal. Such a pity I didn't think to remind you to record any and all communications. You can do that now with your phone. Course I didn't know one could do that then.
      The problem is with this slow incremental bullying is you are half way in before you realize it. And then you start to question yourself.
      What I'm amazed is your union hasn't had reports.

    3. I'd really like to visit the Ruscha and Overdrive exhibits this summer, so if I get there before the Rubens' ends I'll check it out too. There is an Asian connection with the exhibit which I'm trying to learn more about. While I can appreciate Asian art, I'm not terribly fond of it.

      Ya know, there was/is so much documentation about many specific behaviors, maybe not recordings though. In fact, this person has been sued more than once for sexual harassment. Many of us are certain that he's got something on one or more of the powers that be because anyone else would have been handed their walking papers years ago. It's astonishing. As much as I'd like to see him go down, it was SO unhealthy of an environment; almost obsessed with what was the right thing to do. It's better to have just washed my hands of it. The union was/is aware, but if the bosses don't do anything about it, well, there ya go...

  2. I will have to get that book...I need something to read :)

    And as for testing...AHHHH!!!!

    I am so tired of having to be dead silent because the learning center is using the storage room next to me..I swear if I hear "SHHHH!" to my class one more time I may lose it! They already have lost it!!

    1. Get it! It is an amazing book. I just got home from book club. We barely scratched the surface of it as there's so many levels - so much to talk about it.

      They're using the storage room to test? Oh sheesh! Being on a testing schedule, my class has completely lost their mind this week (I'm convinced due to lack of routine). They've been SO naughty. One more day of language arts, then on to math next week.