Saturday, January 18, 2014

Some Things

Rarely am I resentful.  This week though, (my first week back to work after three weeks of break), Rigby caused me all kinds of resentment.  When the alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning (gasp!),  Rigby goes outside for a bit, while I get ready.  I let her back in when I force feed eat breakfast.  She scurries back upstairs, and when I go back up to finish getting dressed, this is what I find…
stuff 346 I want to be the one who gets to go back to bed. 

I really have no words for this publicity stunt in NYC this week. 
aa-mannequin-1It is kind of funny and the typical “shock” move for this company, but the buzz this has sparked about “trimming the hedges” has been very entertaining.

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake(s).  Luckily, after being home for winter break, I returned to New Hampshire just hours before it struck.  I don’t have any memories (other than the pictures that hit close to home) to write about, like people who were here in town that early morning.  I do know that I hate earthquakes and even a 3.0 scares me.  This one was a 6.7 (with a couple of 6.0 aftershocks). While this earthquake crippled the San Fernando Valley due to infrastructure damage, in reality we were very lucky.  In comparison to the more recent quakes along the Pacific Plate (8s and 9s), we were given a wake up call without total destruction.  The damage that was done caused for stricter building codes that included earthquake reinforcements.  Although, when you think about the damage a 6.7 did, an 8 or a 9 is so frighteningly strong, these safeguards probably won’t make much of a difference. 

Ya know, it’s not that I’m not outraged over the Chris Christie/New Jersey road closure scandal, but it’s getting to the point that I’m no longer surprised about the government’s actions.  Whether the governor of New Jersey had any knowledge of the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge (one of the most traveled bridges in the country) or not, this was a purposely orchestrated closure out of spite, out of revenge.  The thing is, it didn’t REALLY cause problems for the mayor of the town it was meant for.  No, it affected the regular people of the town, the people who were late for work, the kids who were late for school, and anyone who needed emergency vehicles – one death is under investigation.  At this point, I’m most frustrated that the people in charge continue to take actions without any regard for human decency.  And even worse, it’s become the norm…we’re not even shocked by it anymore.


  1. I am jealous that Rigby can sleep in! That publicity stunt is disturbing. I will be certain never to purchase any undergarments from them!

    1. She's so lucky...when I die I want to come back as my dog. :) This company doesn't have that great of a product anyway...hence the publicity stunts I assume.

  2. She's a scamp all right. And looks so comfy strewn like that.

    To mow or not to mow that's the question; Whether 'tis Nobler in the mound to suffer
    The Stings and Arrows of outrageous Torture,
    Or to take Arms against a Sea of stubbles,
    And by opposing end them? To lie, to sleep—
    No more and by a sweep, to say we end
    The Heat-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks
    That Flesh is heir to? 'Tis a consummation
    Devoutly to be wished.

    For what it's worth I don't for one moment think men truly care one way or another. Yes, a bit of keeping things within the bounds, but at the end of the day I doubt a heterosexual bloke will care. I will say I don't find French women at all attractive but that's far more to do with an overall hirsuteness.
    You will have noted that the pits are hair free on those mannequins.

    I had Christie for the Republican Nomination as being a semi sane bridgebuilder. As to this though I've not been keeping up. Mostly quite frankly because I find the current lot tedious in the extreme. I least Bush kept you awake.

    Dear god there are almost 2 million people in the SFV. Did you know that ?. Somehow or another I'd a town of 50,000 in mind. Jeepers that's a city all on it's own, and a bloody big one at that.

    Just to go back to the NYC window display. The garments look cheap. And not in the good meaning of cheap. No, these look flimsy and uncomfortable.
    The first one looks like it could saw itself into positions that'd require a surgical procedure to extract.

    1. Oh my gosh, did you rewrite that Hamlet bit, JUST NOW, or have you had that tucked away for a rainy day? So clever...I laughed out loud. :)
      I think the talk has been Christie for GOP nominee, but I don't know how in favor the fanatic social conservatives are of him. He's a little to the left for them, and they have quite a bit of power in choosing the nominees. However, about 10% seem to be MORE in favor of him now than before this all came who knows.
      Yah, and there's something not quite right about how the underwear looks on the mannequins (regardless of the wig placed inside), and they're supposed to make clothes look good. Of course people are talking about them, but that doesn't necessarily translate into dollar signs. To each his own, but to be honest, that looks like a cat crawled inside the pun intended.

    2. I note from Am Apparel WWW the notion of a model with more than a landingstrip would be rare indeed. So them off on this hack is a bit rich.
      Glad you laughed, and no, done as I wrote in the comment box.
      As to the Pun. That's where the term came. But with a black haired chick. Scut was the term for a blonde Jane Austin would know.

    3. Well done then...I did enjoy it.
      Yah, the company has kind of run its course in the fashion industry and now rely on made up controversy.
      Coined after a rabbit tail? Hmmmm

    4. Nope, a deer. But you have the idea. Playboy took your meaning erroneously.
      That Am App shop is here in Ireland.
      Btw, is SFV visibly denser to other parts of the city. Oh boy have I a rewrite since that's something that people would feel, may well even not be worth it.

    5. Well, you have to remember LA is so spread out and the SFV is not a city in itself, but actually part of Los Angeles in addition to some larger cities on their own like Burbank and Glendale. The Valley is really just the term for its location. So, if you're looking at North Hollywood or Studio City or Northridge or what have you, they are an area of the Valley, but also part of LA, like communities or subdivisions of it. So when you see the almost 2 mill population, part of that is also included in the 3.5 mill of I making any sense? So when you think of other big cities they're compacted and dense - living on top of each other - that's not really the case here - don't get me wrong, there are tons of people but in relation to other big cities it doesn't feel the same. I was just looking up the area of LA in comparison to say NYC - not including water NYC is about 300 square miles and LA is about 470 - for a comparison relationship. I don't know if that helps...but from the info you had on the shopping areas awhile, I don't think you are way off base. Oh, and due to it being so spread out, the true urban part of LA is downtown, which suprisingly enough only has about 45,000 residents, the rest of LA's population lives in these other areas. Too much? :) Hope it helps.

  3. You mentioned canvas rather than high grade photo paper. I got an offer from a printer to do the canvas for the price of the paper.
    I like the notion of the canvas but I don't know how much lesser the reflectivity and therefore the exposure required. Hashtag Imgoingnutsalittlebit :-)

    1. Ya know, I didn't do my editing any differently in order to have the canvases done. I made sure the color was good/they looked nice to me on the computer screen and then ordered them. The color is very true on all the prints I've done, and other than not being shiny, they still show brightness or light well. I'd hate to say that though and then have you not like the way yours turned out. Would your printer print you a sample version of one so you can see how they will look before you commit to them?

    2. He's going to do one at A1 size, 33 inch by 23 inch. I've seen 'his' photos rendered in canvas and they didn't impress. Not from composition but from luminescence, they seemed flat and therefore dull.
      But it is possible the error is in his processing (if any) of even his computer which seems to have done something very odd with that red sun shot of mine which I can only assume has stripped out 90% of the file leaving a few 100 kilobit jpeg not the 4meg monster it is. And that's slimmed at 4 meg.
      Thank you for the response as it confirmed or rather allowed me to ignore a line of thought. Dammit the point of the gesso primed canvas, fake gesso or otherwise IS to put a reflective luminescence under thick oils !!!!!!.

    3. Oh good, so you'll try it and see? I like them, but to each his own. Will he wrap them for you too, or will you do that on your own?

    4. Wait! He's messing with your photos? Why? He should just be able to print them from your files, no?

    5. Yes, I would certainly have thought so, but so it seems. I have a feeling he had his machines set to dramatically compress photo files and since he does things like election posters designed to be seen from 15ft up a telegraph pole pixelisation isn't an issue. But it matters a great deal on a 5ft sq photograph. And dammit the red one was the only one I was certain about.

      Spellcheck is having a hissyfit about pixelisation.

  4. Ew.. to the trimming hedges window display.
    ugh I want to stay curled up in bed too

    1. Ha ha
      Yes, me too. Today was MLK day so it was nice to sleep in on a Monday.