Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tah Dah!

After about a year of inner debate over whether to continue on with a PC or switch to Mac, a decision has been made.
stuff 343While all along I knew I wanted to go Apple, the price was stopping me.  My money could buy way more PC than Mac, and I just couldn’t justify spending what little I have on one.  So I didn’t.  Until a couple of months ago when I wrote a grant.  Since about 50% of my laptop use is for school, I was able to write a pretty compelling argument about my need for a Mac.  After all was said and done, I received the grant for 2/3 of the cost of the machine.  The amount I paid for it was less than I would have spent on a new PC, so I pulled the trigger.  It arrived Friday.

stuff 345 Isn’t it pretty!?!?!
stuff 344

It’s almost too pretty to use.  I haven’t even turned it on yet…gearing myself up for the PC to Mac changeover. 


  1. Congrats! You deserve it :)
    Where did you get your grant?

  2. Kimberly hugging the new Apple says

    Will you talk to us at all now you've gone off they the flash kids. :-)

    Joking aside. Darn well done.

    1. Hmmmm, we'll see. ;)
      Flash? No way, I'm too afraid to even open it! I keep thinking, "But there's no right-click!" There is actually, it's just different. It'll take some getting used to I guess.

    2. The price of the 15" is €2049 and that's not even the top of the range. Does it come with software or is that extra. I expect to buy good cars for that price. :-)

    3. Sorry that reads a bit mean spirited and nothing could be further from my mind. I am delighted for you and I hope you have many the excellent hour on it.

    4. I think you guys over there pay through the nose for the Apples. Even after the conversion, that's about a thousand more than we'd pay for the 15" machine. I got the 13" with retina display, 256, on the educator's site and then only paid about a third of it.
      I think it will be a good investment as they don't get the viruses like the pc and seem to have a longer shelf life.
      I think the programs like Pages, Numbers, etc (equivilent/compatible with Word, Excel, etc.) are installed. I don't think they come installed normally, but I think maybe through the educators they do because I have them. I also have Office for Mac in the family, so will install that if needed. I look forward to using their iPhoto when I get my trip pictures transferred. It is supposed to be just as good, but easier, than Photoshop.
      I am having a hard time figuring out how everything is set up - where things are saved and organized - as it is different than the windows OS. Everyone has told me there will be a learning curve (frustrating at times) since I've always been a PC girl. I'm fairly tech savvy as far as using a machine goes and pretty much anything road block I hit I can search online and find the answer to. I just have to start! :) Oh, and it also runs seamlessly with the iPhone and iPad which is great for my calendar and creating and using materials for school.

    5. From what I've read and hear from people, it's far more intuitive than the PC. And that's the bit that hooks people so quickly and so well.
      And I read that most photographers are on teh mac because it's as good and sometimes better but without the endless licences requiring cash each year.
      Remember the Mac is of Celtic blood so it will like you. :-)

    6. :) I hope so!
      I've also heard that about photographers (and graphic artists). It's the machine they all recommend. I look forward to that intuitive thing too.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm excited about it. Nervous to start, but excited. :)

  4. oh so fancy..
    i'm still a pc girl.. scared to make the move. :(

    1. That's what was keeping me from moving. If I hadn't received the grant I'd still be contemplating (and not doing) it. I do foresee a MacBook for dummies book in my future though. :)