Saturday, June 21, 2014

Silk Pillowcases

I've recently been reading about how sleeping on silk pillowcases is supposed to be better for your hair and your skin.  I wake up in the morning with hair that looks like I wrestled with a bear in my sleep, so when I heard that cotton pillowcases were to blame, I bought a pair of silk ones to try.  I changed the bedding last night and put the new pillowcases on the bed, along with the rest of the pillows.
The pillowcases are ivory so I put them to the back of the decorative pillows with the plan of sleeping on them at night.  But Rigby had other plans...

Rigby is allowed to sleep on the bed, but she has a blanket that she sleeps on as to not cover the bed in dog hair.  While I was getting ready for bed last night, she decided to climb into bed before her blanket was down.  She made a b-line to the silk pillow.  She had climbed onto the new pillow, knocking the pillows around.
Even though I let her onto the bed, I had an irritated thought, "Can I have just one freaking night without the thing covered in dog hair?!?!"  So I called her off the pillow.  Instead of getting off the bed, she burrowed deeper.  She wouldn't budge.

I literally had to pull her off the pillow.  She was like a kid having a temper tantrum who's body just went limp.  Once I got her off the bed, I turned to find her blanket to throw it over the pillows.  Before I knew it she was back on the bed on top of that darn silk pillowcase again!
Again, I called her off but she didn't mind.  She even looked at me like I was putting her out by asking her to move.  I had to drag her off the pillow again like a sack of potatoes.  From there she jumped off the bed.  I quickly got the blanket over the duvet and pillows and finished getting ready for bed.
A little bit later, I called Rigby to jump back onto the bed and she refused.  She walked around it a few times when I called her, but then she left the room like there wasn't a chance she was going to sleep on anything that wasn't silk.  
I woke up this morning curled around one of the silk pillows and Rigby was sleeping next to me with her head on that very same pillow.  While I'm not a big fan of the texture of silk (I'm doing it for the hair), Rigby seems to be obsessed with it.  She's such a brat!


  1. Truly the funniest of their actions are those that are totally theirs. You didn't tell her to go at things like that, this is all her.
    What I think is going on is something to do with levels. Where she assumed she could find the sweetest spot, and you removing her confused her which was why she didn't get in when you called her. In the packs, the wolves are very hierarchical.
    But they do like fresh sheets and at least you had the brain to get stuff that matched the dog and not like me getting snow white cotton. I think it's the cotton that's the problem with your hair. Well, sorta like the way in a cotton Tee your skin will be awash and the Tee dry, unless it's soaked. There seems to be no wicking. I have a bamboo viscose mix for when I go hiking. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter by drawing the H2O to the outer layers of clothing. Course that could be total BS.
    And now while I won't tease you about being such a chick by having extra useless pillows that none see beyond whatever bird is zipping past the window during the day and you in the few moments before bed. I've seen worse, seen families of the darn things.
    They used to solve the hair issue by putting it in a hair bag made of silk back in the days when chicks had hair below the cheeks of their bum.
    That was a lovely funny story that had me laughing hard. Thank you, it was a darn beautiful way to start a Sunday.

    1. She's such a stinker!!! Yes, I'm thinking the coolness of the thing is what she liked, but how'd she even know. I wonder if it smelled differently. Anyhow, when I rerun I'll have to look into maybe a satiny type blanket for instead of the fleece one I've got now. It's probably getting too warm for her this time of year.
      As for the pillowcase, I know, it sounds so silly. But I'll take the help where I can get it. :)

  2. I laughed the whole time I was reading this. Rigby needs her own silk pillow case. I know my dogs love clean sheets.

    1. I laughed too as I dragged her off the bed, trying to be serious and firm. :).
      Yes, I'll find her something with that similar texture, but less expensive. :)

  3. This is so funny! I am glad Rigby liked the new pillowcases. My hair has been insane in the mornings lately too! Maybe I need silk pillowcases. Thanks for teaching me something new!

    1. Well, that remains to be seem. I have a feeling it won't be a miracle cure for messy hair and pillow face, but I'd be happy with an improvement over the bear-wrestling look. ;)

  4. I was thinking on this afterwards for under the pure fun of it there's a big 'why' she went on so.
    I've seen my one if she gets to the bed before me, she will not move. But is happy enough to be grabbed by the tail scruff and pulled aside. In fact telling her to shift in those situations I get the default 'cuteness' of on her back with legs and belly open.
    What I do believe is that they really want to be helpful, how helpful the help is is another matter. But the motivation is good.
    You know there could be a smell she'd picked up since the pillows were new and 'you ' wanted the fresh new smell. She was simply seeing something of the 'others'.

    1. Aren't they just too funny. Most of her "helping" isn't all that helpful. ;)
      I thought there must be a smell about them that she noticed. They were even washed before putting them on because I didn't want a smell, if there were one. But her nose if far better than mine. It is so interesting how, probably instinctual, they manage to always obsess over the one thing (or even person) that we don't want them obsessing over. My aunt and a friend of mine both are very leery about dogs, and when they visit Rigby only wants to sit next to them? It never fails.

  5. Beauty sleep for dogs too :) So how is the pillow working out?