Monday, June 9, 2014

This and That

The newest model of my car has a new feature...Park Assist.

I don't know how I feel about this.  I guess if parallel parking is something you're not very good at but have to do often, it makes some sense.  Parallel parking isn't a problem for me so I think I'd have a hard time surrendering that control.  Watching that steering wheel spin on its own reminds me of "Christine" from the Steven King novel of the same name.  And imagine the cost of fixing Park Assist when it stops working.

I'm feeling awfully proud of myself this week.  My car stereo system has not been working correctly the last month or so. I'm a skipper over songs I don't feel like hearing, and the button used for skipping was broken, or more like stuck.  It was making everything fast forward all the time.  I have no business getting a new car stereo, but I also don't think I can drive without music playing.  Plus with the stuck button, it's making the other controls not work so I haven't been able to turn the volume down in about 2 weeks.  Anyhow, yesterday I spent some time looking it over.  I'm mechanically challenged, my fix-its would horrify someone who knew what they were doing.  BUT I took the front panel off the stereo, unscrewed the backing, and put the stuck button back into place.  I had no idea if I'd be able to figure out how to put it back together, but I did, got it attached to the base, turned it on, and tah-dah!  It worked.  I'll have to use the remote control that came with it for the skipping or the button will stick again I'm afraid, but at least I'm not stuck listening to songs on fast forward with a volume I can't turn down.
The last few books I have read, or at least started, have left much to be desired.  Even a couple of my goto authors have let me down in the grabbing-my-attention-for-any-length-of-time department.  I'm kind of in a reading funk right now.  After some research, I've made a summer list of books I want to read while I'm off.  
I Am Having So Much Fun Without You by Courtney Mum
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walters
When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde 
The Paris Wife by Paula McLain 
And I just started The Fault In Our Stars by John Green as my next book club book.  It's a YA book, but the reviews have been outstanding.  It's a fast and easy read as it's written for junior/senior high schoolers,  but so far I'm enjoying it.  Have you read anything good?

My new camera is here!  I've spent a few days here and there gazing at it, admiring its beauty and newness.  There is going to be some learning curve as I figure out where everything is and how to use it.  I'm going to have to find some place interesting to go out and practice with it.  My neighborhood isn't inspiring me right now with the brown hills and drying grass, so my practice has been limited thus far.  Once this school year gets over I'll have a bit more energy to get out of dodge and take some pictures!  

FOUR MORE DAYS until summer break...


  1. I'm more interested in the rear facing camera on that Ford. It would take me some time to stop freaking out with the car steering itself. Mind you I took to the cruse control rapidly enough once I'd crunched the numbers and discovered the car was 50% more efficient since it was using just enough. This is supposed to be the great novel of the 20teens. She won a prize last week or so.

    You might be surprised at the neighbourhood through the lense of the camera. You are seeing it with squinting eyes at the moment.
    There is a rule called Sunny 16 that's set just for you in LA. You roll the top control to M then the aperture to f/16, set the ISO to 100 and the shutter speed to 125. You should get pretty sweet shots in your light conditions. In fact on really bright days you might need a filter (sunglasses) over the lense.
    But anyhoos, if you've a problem I'll try to help. Oh, if you wear eyeglasses you should go to a camera shop and check out eyecups. It can be really annoying when the sun flares down the glasses lense blinding you from seeing the in-camera heads-up display. But then buy on-line like a true SoCal chick.

    1. This type of thing

    2. Thank you! I might take you up on that help. :)
      The eyecup thing looks very interesting. That glare often causes me issues, even with sunglasses. Sometimes it'll be so bad I'll just push the button, hoping it'll catch something because I can't see a thing. I'll check that out.
      And I will try the sunny setting this weekend. I'm going to the Irish Fair in Long Beach on Saturday and that will be the camera's first outing. :) Hopefully the clouds will burn off at some point during the day.
      That back up camera would take some getting used to. A friend of mine just traded in her previous Escape for the new one. It doesn't have the parking assistance, but does have a back up camera. The few times I've been in the car while she's using it made me lose my bearings. I don't like cruise control at all. It's not really usable here with all the traffic, but even on the open road (like to Vegas) it bothered me a lot to have it accelerate/decelerate on it's own...also very eery like the steering wheel spinning on its own.
      The book looks to have a great following across the Atlantic. It hasn't made its way into the hands of too many here yet - only 6 reviews (half 5 stars and the others 2-3). I can't buy it here yet (other than a $20+ used copy). I noticed it's available on the Kindle via the UK site you linked. I'll put it on my list, and if it doesn't make it's way here I'll do it electronically through the UK site. Have you read it?

  2. Three more days now. I don't miss the brown of CA summer. One thing about all our rain everything is so green. When it rains every day like it has been doing, we have not been able to mow or weed wack. We have a weed that grows by our front porch that looks like corn and is almost as high as the proverbial elephant's eye.

    1. It's pretty bad here right now. With such little rain (and snow) this winter and spring we're on water saving due to drought so the water is just barely keeping things alive. Ug-Ly!

  3. Awesome job fixing your radio!!! Summer will be here soon:)

    1. I'm so happy to have it working again! Music is what helps me survive the drive to and from work. :) Yep...3 more days and they're dragging.

  4. The restroom thing isn't even is TRUE! I do not know what I will do next year when I don't have a student who has a nurse and I will be stuck in a building far from restrooms with no one to watch my class so I can go!

    Yay for the new camera and YAY for fixing your stuck button...I always hit google to assist in the things like that that need to be fixed.

    4 more? I am jealous...although I was backpacking in the Channel Islands when you were starting school.
    Happy Tuesday!!

    1. Right?!?! I find once I get into my schedule of the school year I do fine, but right after a break and I'm out of the routine I don't do as well. The first few days back I'm always DYING before recess or lunch. THere's something about not being able to go whenever you need to that makes you need to go. :)
      3 more now! Almost all packed and thankfully not as many boxes as I moved there with. It's been easier knowing it'll just be sitting in a pile in the center of the room and not being moved across town. I just hope they truly finish the work before school actually starts so I'll have time to get it organized again. :)

  5. Let me know what you think of the Goldfinch. It left me feeling let down. Hopefully you will enjoy. I really want to read the Fault in Our Stars. Kaishon just read it.

    You will love your Rebel. That is a perfect camera to learn on. Practice every day. Don't worry about anything else but practicing. Don't try to edit. Just practice, practice, practice.