Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Target of My Very Own...Updated

Please note that my Target is not a Super Target, it is just regular, old Target, but it's brand new. So those of you from the other side of town really needn't bother to come over here. You've got your own! :)

Isn't it pretty?
I've been dreaming about it for a couple of years now and finally, this week, a new Target store opened up on my side of town, just a mile or so away from my house. My side of town has never had a whole lot (restaurants, shopping, etc), but a couple of years ago plans went into the works for a new shopping center just a mile or so from my house. It took forever...even after many of the other stores opened up last year, Target still hadn't opened. We received a mailer a couple of weeks ago saying that the store would open in March. This morning my friend and coworker Cori told me that it had its soft opening on Tuesday and is now open! Yay!

Today, after work and happy hour, I stopped by the new Target on my way home. I am just giddy with excitement. It will no longer take me one-half hour to get to Target anymore (even though the Target across town is only about 6 miles away, because of traffic and 40 million traffic lights it takes forever to get there). Cori told me that it was so nice, not very crowded, and the baskets moved "like heaven." When I arrived this evening, the parking lot was pretty crowded - obviously others had also been filled in on the new opening, but the store was so clean, the staff was very friendly, and the basket did move very smoothly.

I'm so happy that I can now shop at one of my favorite stores and I don't have to be gone half the day to do so! Yay!


  1. It is so nice that the CEO of Target thought of you.

    I'd like to publicly tell everyone out there in the blogosphere that Pumpkin has unconditionally banned me from ever going to her own personal Target. Is that nice?

    Actually, the old Target that she has always gone to in the past is about a half mile from my house. So now, you see, the universe is expanding and the Gods are making everythig right with the world, so she will no longer have to schlep across town.

    But I'm going to sneak to her own personal Target when she isn't looking. And buy stuff that was intended for her to buy.

  2. Oh, I am so going to check out your new Target. Luck out!!
    What makes it "Super"?

  3. J'adore target!!!

    The one by my house is a Super Target (full grocery store and Target). LOVE IT. Spent 2 hours there today with a friend. The prices of food are better than my local supermarkets sale prices. And the selection- the Target brand stuff (Archer Farms)... so good and so unique!!

  4. WOW.... now THOSE are some fancy Target buggies.... (we call shopping carts "buggies" here in the South... isn't that a funny term? We even KNOW it's funny, but that's still what they're called. Buggies.)

    Anyway, congrats on the new Target - hip hip hooray!

  5. Good to know. Now when I make my 40 minute drive to Costco, I'll need extra time on my errand run to stop at your Target. Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  6. OK. Please be very, very careful.

    Living so close to a Target can cause severe financial ruin. I have never walked out of a Target without spending AT LEAST ten times the amount I intended. For example? I need a hairbrush. About $7, right? Let's go to Target!! I leave with a tablecloth, three hand towels, cucumber body cream, a throw pillow and a 12 pack of socks for my daughter. True story. Every. Week.

  7. I'm with you Pumpkin. When I go to my new Target, I would appreciate everyone else to just stay away.

    I'm glad you finally have it..and aren't those carts the best?

  8. Don't you just love a good soft opening?

  9. Popped in to say hello! Hooray for Target!

  10. I never saw a shopping cart like that before! I think they have to make them that cool in California because the coolest people on the planet live there : ).

    I like going into Target. It gives me a happy feeling : ). I have to make sure don't go to much though because, holy canolli, I spend WAY too much money in that store.

    Happy Shopping Pumpkin!