Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

Oh for frick sake!!!
I didn't get to watch The Bachelor last night. It's on way past my bedtime. This morning I woke up without a though about it, knowing that I'd watch it when I got home from work this evening. I found myself saying, "No, no, don't say it, I don't want to know what happened, I haven't watched it yet!" all day because everyone was abuzz about the events on The Bachelor. Of course they were, Chris Harrison, the host said it was going to be the most dramatic finale in the history of the Bachelor, even though, as Cortney reminded me he says that at every rose ceremony.

I got home from a board meeting this evening, later than usual. I still have about 150 pages of my bookclub book due for Thursday, but instead of reading I just HAD to watch this show. To make a long two hour episode short here's what happened in the episode in one run-on sentence. Melissa visited Jason's family, they liked her but didn't like that Jason hadn't met her parents yet, then he brought Molly home to the family and they loved her, so then Jason had one last night with Melissa, then with Molly, then Deanna came back and said she made a mistake and, without any drama at all, he basically told her to suck it and send her on her way, he found the ring, cried a little before and during the rose ceremony where he told Molly to hit the road since he was in love with another which was Melissa so he proposed to her, she said yes and then Jason, Melissa and Ty jumped in the pool together. What a big bunch of bologna that was! On the "After the Rose" show, the host, very seriously, again said that it was going to be a dramatic show. Jason came on the show looking very somber and proceeded to tell the host that things had changed between him and Melissa, he realized that the chemistry really wasn't there, and that he was still in love with Molly! Ya, what a crock, huh? Melissa called him a bastard and told him she never wanted to talk to him again.

Then the host brought out Molly who said she still thought about him every day and wished that he would change his mind. Well, guess what Molly, he did! He came back out and told her that he was still in love with her. She was, of course, shocked, but the emotion that concerned me more was that she was happy about it.

I really liked Jason in the last season and this season he was OK, kind of boring, but OK. After the last few episodes though, I want to kick his ass. Talk about commitment phobia. No wonder his wife left him! Plus I don't think I've never seen a man cry as much as this one does. I kept yelling, "Stop being such a baby!" at the TV. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a man crying but this one does it A LOT!

Happy Wife wrote an open letter to him, check it out. Whatever you do girls watch out for this one. I'm pretty desperate some times, but even I wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole! What a loser!


  1. Did you know it was on again tonight? Another hour of rehashing and there were some of the other women there too.

    Last nights show was 3 hours!

  2. Yeah, I don't know who makes me more sick, the asshat who can not make up his mind, or the pathetic needy girl who was more than happy to be sloppy seconds. I am so over this show!
    Did you see who is the next Bachelorette?

  3. I get following your heart but I think it is disgusting for him to dump his fiance and two minutes later make out with the other woman on tv. It's like dump her before the show and then use the show as a chance to ask Molly back. Doing both in the same episode is tacky and rude. Not to mention that he was like "I'm still falling in love with you and I always will be." Uh who the f would even believe that from a piece of shiz like him?!! He said the same thing to Melissa and I'm sure that he said the same thing to wife number one. He deserves to be tazed for taking away Melissas engagement.. she has a point she wanted to get engaged once and he took that from her.. and why would he care he already has been divorced. Dude is an ass!

  4. I wish Melissa would have taken out a big 12" skillet and smacked Jason flat in the FACE with it. In fact, I wish she would have broken his nose.

    I will NEVER watch that show again.
    And as far as ABC? They might as well be wearing a purple felt suit and have gold teeth.... they are low-class, low-rent PIMPS... nothing more. They saw Jason's character flaw, capitalized on it (for the sake of ratings = $$$), and were MORE than willing to let Jason publicly humiliate Melissa.

    I really feel sorry for Ty. In fact... if I were Jason's ex wife, I'd consider asking the judge for sole custody at this point. I think Jason has some very serious character flaws.... )

    Anyway, that's the last I'll say about it. I'm done being irritated over that worthless little bachelor.

  5. Well, I would still touch his ten foot pole! Oh, wait, that's not what you said.

    I'd still touch him with my ten foot pole!

  6. What a shame. Everyone I know has gone from loving to hating him! I don't watch it but of course I have heard!

  7. I was wondering what all the hubbub was!

  8. I was trying to do the math.....

    Ty is 3, so, maybe approx 4 years ago he was in love. Last years bachelorette, he was so in love he proposed. This year's bachelor, he was "falling" for Jillian (oh, but just wants to be friends after making out and such...do we do that with friends?????) anyhoo....and then Molly, and Melissa...and there were others too, Im sure if I rewatched the whole season, he must have said he was falling for others.

    So, my math, at least 4 women in 4 years, that he wanted/wants to marry.

    HOWEVER....at the tiniest diminishment of "chemistry"...this guy is out of there.

    Loved Deanna....no feelings now
    Loved Melissa....."chemistry" evaporated in weeks
    Loving Molly...but fickle at first
    Falling for Jillian, but too weirded out by her wanting to be "best friends"

    NEWSFLASH JASON!! Chemistry and butterflies and fireworks fade....the best friend thing actually is important, unless of course, people just act like you, and totally bail at the slightest fizzle of the sparks.

    Dont be all "Im a single dad looking for a wife and mother for TY"

    You are a guy just looking for the next lusty feeling, who SHOULD NOT BE INTRODUCING YOUR ANNUAL FLING TO YOUR SON.


    and...I loved it when Melissa scolded you, telling you that she wanted to get engaged ONCE and you had taken that from her...because for most of society (except you and David Koresh)...people reserve things like engagement and marriage for that one special person....but you wouldnt get that, because you have proposed to 3? 4? 5 ? more people recently....you are what's wrong with relationships today!