Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Dad Story

My dad LOVED to shop. Not for shoes and clothes from the mall like my mom and I, but he loved to shop at Costco, Home Depot, and Sports Chalet. He bought gadgets, doodads, and things sold in bulk.

Costco bulk buying was his favorite I think. Why have 4 or 7 of one thing when you could have 47 of that same thing for a really good price.

When my dad died, I flew to Hawaii which is where he and my mom had retired to. After the initial shock wore off and plans needed to be made, we started finding products he had bought in mass. Large Costco packs of toilet paper were tucked here and there in the garage. The freezer looked like a frozen butcher shop with the various cuts of meat wrapped individually in saran wrap and sorted and labeled in freezer bags. We handed out bottles and bottles of Poweraid to the neighbors in order to make room for the wake’s food.

A couple of months ago my mom and I had a good laugh when she told me that just that week she had to buy toilet paper for the first time since my dad had died. He passed about 4 years ago.

When my parents moved to Hawaii, they packed up some of their boxes and stored them in my garage. I still have boxes of my dad’s tools, car washing equipment, and other things he didn’t want to ship to Hawaii, but couldn’t throw away. Every-so-often I will find something I need in those boxes and think of my dad. This afternoon I needed some WD40. I scoured the inside of the house and there wasn’t a can in sight. I ventured out to the garage and dug through the boxes of miscellaneous bottles, cans and jars of “fix-its”. I never found the WD40, but I did find two very large bottles of dish soap and three full bottles of jet dry!

My dad could never pass up a good deal and chances are it will be several years before I will have to buy dish soap or jet dry again. Thanks Dad!


  1. He sounds like a wonderful person. Very special. Isn't it great that all humans have so many quirks and interesting traits. I think it makes life interesting.

    I am glad he left you these treasures.

    How is the puppy? I love when you are done school and can post every day again : )

  2. Of course I never knew your dad, PD, but I suspect it would make him happy that his loved ones are living off his stash of supplies. Excellent!

  3. This is so cute and poignant. I can see your dad smiling at this post. When my grandfather died my parents went thru their apt and found stacks of 20 dollar bills my nanna had hidden all over for years. I guess she never forgot her very poor youth.

  4. I didn't know this about your dad.

    And your mom seriously just had to buy toilet paper? That is hysterical! I find it awfully charming that he was still taking care of her in such a small, yet VERY IMPORTANT way!