Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day

I got this email from a friend of mine yesterday morning…

So weird, I dream a lot and I guess after talking about your dad the other night, last night I had a dream and your dad was the main character....We were laughing and talking about old times. He was making fun of me. He was belly laughing himself. I woke up today feeling like I spent time with him. It was great and I do believe in dream "visits" so I am here to say he is happy and doing well.

Today is Father’s Day which has been a pretty solemn day for me since my dad past away about 4 years ago.

This email made me sad for a minute and then made me laugh because my friend’s dream personified my dad to a tee.

I go through most of my days not thinking about him being gone because since going away to college when I was 17, not seeing him or talking to him every day was normal. But on the days that I do, like Father’s Day, it hits me hard.

I’m not really a spiritual person, but this dream put a little smile on my face on a day that is usually not very smiley.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially mine.



  1. I love his smile. I can just imagine the belly laugh. I am sorry he is no longer with you Pumpkin.

  2. You look so much like him! I just watched a 20/20 about 9-11 wives and kids that have had experiences seeing the dead. It was so unbelievable. I totally believe that peopel let us know that they are still "here". The dream was your dad saying hi and letting you know he's okay. Not to be weird or anything...

  3. You look like your Dad! He is very handsome, and you have his beautiful smile.

    Our Dads are special no matter how long they are gone from us, and the memories seem like yesterday.

  4. Hugs. I do believe in dream "visits" as I have experienced a couple of them. They feel different than normal dreams.

    Your dad sounds like a wonderful man.

  5. That was a great little story.
    I live for dream visits.
    Your Friend, m.

  6. interesting story