Friday, September 16, 2011

An Award

The US Department of Education announced the winners of the National Blue Ribbon Schools yesterday.  The school where I teach was one of 306 schools in the nation (21 in California) who earned the award.

While most of our staff is just exhausted and have been left wondering, “Isn’t this finally enough?” because we know that it’s not…It is an honor, and the teachers I work with deserve all the accolades.  There isn’t a group of people who work harder than my colleagues.  Congrats to us!  Now, we all deserve a nap this weekend!


  1. Yes, Congratulations to all of you! You really do deserve it.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Congratulations, I am glad to hear there is some excellence in California schools. Kudos to you and the staff for hard work

  3. Congratulations Kim! So happy for you! Way to go. I love people that make a difference in the world....
    even if they don't like Republicans ; )

    Have a good nap.

  4. Congratulations and HAPPY DANCE!!

  5. Congrats! There are so many hoops to jump through...we made it 2x at my old school....lots of work. Enjoy flyng that flag :)

  6. Thank you everyone very much. It's funny, because I initially posted this somewhat sarcastically. I know, what a surprise! It's been a ROUGH week at our school. Within days of being told
    what we do "doesn't work", this award was announced. My colleagues and I have been beaten down by our admin from day 1 of the school year. While this award is well-deserved, there is a tired, defeated, and deflated look plastered over all of our faces. Your kind words mean a lot.

    @Becky - Stop it...I never said I didn't like republicans. I do not agree with many of the ideals they represent, just as they (you?) don't agree with the ones I am true too.

    @Jason - I know...but look at all these nice and supportive comments by people who say "good job!" and actually mean it! :)

  7. I know. I should listen to the rest of the world more, shouldn't I?

  8. @Jason - yah, we've got to stop listening to crazy!

    & Thanks Jlo

  9. Maybe if you teachers worked full-time, maybe you could actually achieve more awards. ;)

    I don't wish to be a Negative Nancy, but you know that the admin will be patting themselves on the back that their hardlined, not good enough approach has worked. Fools!

    The world has become unbalanced on the side of budget sheets, statistics, box tickers, standardisation & theories.

    For those of us who actually live and work in reality, the knowledge that what works on a spreadsheet is not always what works in actuality.

    Remember to stay true to your intuition and experience. Stay flexible but not breakable.

    Remember to keep your options open.

    Most importantly, remember why you do what you do and never allow anybody to kill your spirit and passion.

    When you think about it, teachers really are the backbone of civilisation.

    Not only do you shape the future of your students, you are shaping the future of society.

    To bear a responsibility that big, it takes a special, committed, passionate, visionary and strong person.

    That is you.

  10. @Mami - Thanks! I did, but nearly long enough!

    @Duck - Thanks, that's sweet.

    @Hula - No truer words have EVER been spoken. I just emailed you about how well you hit that nail right on the head!