Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Big

  • I forgot my regular glasses when I went away last weekend to the DMB Caravan.  I had my prescription sunglasses, so was able to see until it was dark.  After that, the stage, the screens, the fans were just blurry blotches.  As much as I am used to my glasses, times like these make me curse my nearsightedness.  I have watched movies and driven home at night wearing my sunglasses because my regular glasses were left at home.  I’m getting awfully tired of it.  As I sat “watching” the concert I seriously contemplated lasik surgery.  That’s a pretty big deal because the whole idea of lasers on my eyes kind of freaks me out, but my frustration level of not being able to see when I forget my glasses is starting to outweigh that fear. 
  • Avitable recently wrote a scary post that I wanted to be sure to share.  The things people are able to do via the internet is frightening.  We’ve all heard about cyber terrorism, but this hits a little closer to home as it’s happened to a fairly regular person and was done for no reason other than to be mean and ugly.  It makes me wonder if all this blogging and facebooking and everything else we do online is just playing with fire.  It also makes me wonder how people can be so hateful.  How can an act like this ever even occur to someone?
  • Signing in to Blogger is driving me CRAZY!  Is anyone else still having trouble?  A few blogs only let me comment if I’m signed in via my blog first.  Other blogs give me error messages if I’m signed in before posting the comment.  Some blogs won’t let me sign in while leaving a comment so the page keeps loading and loading without ever posting my comment.  What’s going on?!?!
  • I’ve got a sticky ‘K’!  There must be a piece of paper, staple, dust, something underneath my keyboard  Typing is difficult.  Since both my first and last name have a ‘K’ in them, signing in to anything online is becoming a bit of a problem. 
  • It cooled off during the day into the 80s this weekend.  Dropping into the high 50s/low 60s at night is the best part.  To be able to open the windows in the evening and air-out the house is wonderful.  I know we are in for another hot spell or two – it’s only September for goodness sakes – but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.


  1. Get the 'reactions' glasses then the best of both.

    On the signing in to blogger, you should run a full scan. And check the password settings on the browser while your at it.
    Oh and dump all the extraneous krapola from the sidebar. Reinstall them later. They can draws bugs like nobodies business.

  2. Oh it's not just blogger, it's all google's crap that's giving gyp.

  3. I was having problems commenting a few months back. I think if when when signing in, you put your email account and your password but leave "Stay Signed In" unchecked.
    Try that out.

  4. @Vince - I know men who like those changing glasses, but the kind of sunglasses I like wouldn't look so hot as regular glasses. :)
    I'll try getting rid of the sidebar stuff, it's a pain to worry about managing anyways.

    @Mark - Yes, someone told me about the unchecking awhile ago, but even if I do that I still can't comment on some blogs. I can eventually finagle a comment or two, but it's turning into more effort than I want to give.

  5. I know what you mean about the glasses.. I used to have those sun changing ones, but they never got dark enough to be effective sunnies and they always stayed slightly tinted which made it annoying at night.

    Have you thought about contact lenses?

    I suggest this because you have to give serious consideration to the Lasik surgery.

    I have know 6 people that have had it done and it was successful for 4, made one go nearly blind and the other one the effects reversed quite quickly.

  6. I got them this year for the first time. But I expect with your light levels they would be largely pointless as they would be black even before you put them on in the morning.
    I got mine because when I was trying out monthly disposable lenses I flipped one off my eyeball whilst driving on the motorway at 120km. Freaked the fecking life out of me.

  7. @hula - oh no! I don't want to hear that! I know one person who lost their depth perception but still thought it was worth it. Blind? That is not worth it!

    @Vince - ugh! The contact thing freaks me out. I'm not good with anything having to do with eyes. So sticking something in it...blech! I guess I'll have to just deal with it, but I'm not going to like it!

  8. Blogger has been giving me crap. I got the YA book you recommended--can't wait to read it this weekend!

  9. Well first of all... Blogger. When i first started blogging (not that long ago actually) everytime i wanted to make a comment it said does not recognise me etc.
    Anyway i read on a forum it was because i was not signing in fresh everytime (i was going in through my fave bar OR not signing into my profile at all before trying to comment) Anyways... Its all sorted now i just log in fresh everyday from scratch! problem for me was solved.
    As for contemplating eye surgery.. you know 3 of my friends have recently had it done and its transformed their lives! All went well with all 3 and after just two days their eyes were fully functioning again. Ask your doctor about it, research it. May be just the thing your "looking" for. Urgh excuse the awful pun. Ha. Jenn x