Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend, some friends and I flew to Washington state to see the Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheatre.  Tami, Marcie and I have attended the DMB shows over the last few years here in Los Angeles.  This year, the band didn’t tour, but did set up the DMB Caravan which is a 3-day music festival visiting four US cities.  Tami moved to Idaho earlier this year so we decided to meet up in Washington to see our Dave and each other. 

stuff 044  stuff 134
After flying to Seattle, we had to fly on a plane with propellers.  Oh my!  I didn’t even know they still made planes with propellers, and I was kind of a nervous wreck.  Flying isn’t my most favorite thing in the world, but more a necessary evil for traveling to fun places.  My nerves were a bit more rattled boarding this plane.

The plane was quite small, but the ride over ended up going quick because there was so much to look at.  Since we flew closer to the ground, the view of the Northwest was quite spectacular.  

stuff 006 stuff 022 stuff 028 stuff 041 
Tami picked us up in Pasco, WA, and we drove to Moses Lake to our hotel.  After freshening up a bit, we headed to the Gorge, which is in George, WA.  The drive to the Gorge was much different than the drive into LA that we usually make to see concerts.
stuff 048
The Gorge is in the middle of nowhere basically.  There wasn’t an ounce of traffic in or out of the venue. 

Even though the music at the festival began at 2PM on three different stages, we didn’t arrive the first night until just before DMB went on.  It was very crowded, but found an empty spot on the lawn and watched the sun set behind the stage.

stuff 057  stuff 060     stuff 058 Excitedly waiting for Dave to go on stage.

stuff 075The pictures came out rotten in the dark, but I think they show the massive amount of people in attendance.  There’s something kind of cool about all these people singing along to the same songs.  On Friday night the band played some of their most known songs like Tripping Billies, Crush, American Baby, but they also played some of my favorites that I’ve never heard in concert before like Proudest Monkey, Don’t Drink the Water and Satellite.  Dave also did a couple of songs with just him and his guitar…sigh.  It was a great show.

The next morning, we leisurely got up and went for coffee before starting out on our next adventure.  Tami is from Yakima, WA originally, so her parents drove North and we met them for lunch in Othello, which is one of the smallest towns I’ve ever been in.  We stopped at this funny Mexican restaurant. 
stuff 096 
stuff 097

We planned on going to the one next door, but it was closed.  stuff 099 We were in for a treat.  The toothless elderly woman took our orders, and we checked out the decor while we waited…
stuff 093 stuff 095 
and waited!

Our lunch plates came out one at a time, as they were cooked, however none of the plates were what we actually ordered.  My order was a cheese enchilada and a chicken taco, no rice. 
stuff 092 This is what I was served.  I’m not sure what this would be called in Mexican cuisine, but I accepted it anyways to be polite.  The five of us snickered a lot during the entire meal, but we enjoyed our visit. 

We said goodbye to Tami’s parents and headed back to our hotel to get ready for night #2 of DMB.  Instead of arriving at dusk, we got there a little earlier and enjoyed more of the festival. stuff 102 stuff 105 stuff 110 stuff 116 stuff 118 stuff 122 stuff 126 
There were quite a few more people on day 2.  We managed to find a spot a bit to the side, but a little closer to the stage.  The view was good, but it was on more of an incline.  My toes are still sore from curling them into the grass to keep from toppling down the hill.  

Dave played a longer set that night.  Some of my favorites – Bartender, One Sweet World, #41, and Jimi Thing.  After several contact highs from all the pot that was smoked around us and a couple hours of some cool winds we headed back to the truck after the final encore. 

Sunday morning arrived quickly.  We packed up the car to head back to the airport.

stuff 133 I took this photo to show two things.  One, that I was able to pack everything I needed in one small carry on.  I usually pack my entire house, so fitting everything (including shoes) into this one bag is quite impressive if I do say so myself.  I also found it amusing that Tami’s new license plate mentions Idaho’s potatoes.  Is that funny to anyone else?

Unfortunately, this trip had three legs, and all three legs entailed us flying on one of those propeller planes.  Ugh!  The ride was uncomfortable because the planes are so small, but again the views were pretty amazing.
stuff 135

The snake-like Columbia River

stuff 139

Cascade Mountains 

stuff 146 stuff 147

Views of Seattle

stuff 152

May or may not be Mount St. Helens

stuff 163

Santa Rosa Wine Country  
stuff 173 stuff 175 Home Sweet Home

Thank goodness we had today off for the Labor Day holiday.  I spent most of the day in or close to bed recovering from such a fun weekend!


  1. Everything about Idaho is funny!

    If you ever travel to Idaho, take a count on how many people ask you to bring them back potatoes.

    Back on topic, I wasn't even aware that the Dave Matthews Band was still around!

    The pictures from the plane look great! You go to see so many sites from the air. You can start telling people that you took a small jet on aerial tour of Washington state!

  2. I'll look up the DMB when I get a chance.
    But that view of Mt.St Helen's is one I haven't seen. That might not be remarkable except there was a time when every view of that mountain that could be shot was shot. It wouldn't have shocked me if they had one from underneath. So I've no clue why the National Geographic missed that one.

    P.S. You are sure that it is Mt St Helen's.
    PPS; there is a BBC programme heading your direction about Irish Dancing that's worth a watch. There are Russians, Tamils and Dutch along with the usual suspects going for the Worlds at Glasgow.

  3. So what you're saying is, L.A. has a lot of cars? Seriously, how do you do it? I used to dream about moving to the "big city", but in reality, I'm a small town boy.
    I'm glad that you had fun but those planes would freak me out too.
    p.s. Why don't you like rice? What the hell's wrong with you?

  4. ohhh loved this blog... I've wrote one similar about visiting my sister last week.
    Your photo's from the plane are ACE, I really enjoyed browsing through them.
    I love concerts/shows... such fun atmospheres. Glad to see you had a great time. Trips away are essential to mix things up and keep life interesting right? Jen. xx
    Twitter - @SnapHappyjen

  5. @hula-yes they are still around! I'd prefer the high up in the sky jet plane, but the aerial tour was neat!

    @Vince-I don't know if I'm sure. My seat mate told me it was and since we were in that area I believed her. I'll do further research when I get home from work. Definitely check out dmb. Good music! What is the dancing show called? I'll have to check it out.

  6. @mark - I don't have anything against rice. I just didn't order it. Yes too many cars!

    @Jennie-a fun trip away is good for the soul, but tiring for the body. I could use another day off to recover!

  7. Your pictures are great. Is sure looks as if that one should be MT St Helen. It blew the top off just like your picture. Sounds like a wonderful time!

  8. That sounds like an awesome weekend. I am super impressed with your packing skills. That is incredible!

  9. Everything except that plate masquerading as Mexican sounds great!

  10. @Banker Chick - It was a great trip! I will check into that picture and update accordingly.

    @Becky - I know! I don't impress myself too often, but this was a HUGE step for me in the art of packing!

    @Duck - Right?!?! Being from SoCal, I know my Mexican food. That place was a pretty rough version of it that's for sure.

  11. Looks os pretty! Glad you got to visit Tami and your boyfriend.

  12. It sounds like a spectacular weekend. I've been on a propeller plane before and I was terrified.