Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank You Mathew

This past week has been rough. The morale at school is low, people are sad and stressed, and it’s just been a rotten and ridiculous place to be. Writing a new blog post was on my mind, but I had no desire to do so. Then my friend and reader Hula Hank commented on my last post tonight, and it almost made me cry…

Maybe if you teachers worked full-time, maybe you could actually achieve more awards. ;)
I don't wish to be a Negative Nancy, but you know that the admin will be patting themselves on the back that their hardlined, not good enough approach has worked. Fools!
The world has become unbalanced on the side of budget sheets, statistics, box tickers, standardisation & theories.
For those of us who actually live and work in reality, the knowledge that what works on a spreadsheet is not always what works in actuality.
Remember to stay true to your intuition and experience. Stay flexible but not breakable.
Remember to keep your options open.
Most importantly, remember why you do what you do and never allow anybody to kill your spirit and passion.
When you think about it, teachers really are the backbone of civilisation.
Not only do you shape the future of your students, you are shaping the future of society.
To bear a responsibility that big, it takes a special, committed, passionate, visionary and strong person.
That is you.

Thanks Hula! This made my day.


  1. I can see why you call him "Friend".

  2. I am so sorry your school has such a bad feeling this week. I will pray all day for the morale to increase.

    You are making a difference in the world. A beautiful difference.

  3. How cool! He's right though. The administration is screwing up schools everywhere--it's really bad here. They've shut down education program at colleges because they can't hire new teachers for 2 years and full-time teachers can't get jobs!

    But you know what? Every one of those kids is getting a better life because of you.

  4. Wow! He's a smart one, that Hula Hank. And how nice of him to make such a kind, thoughtful comment.

    And he's right!

  5. So I wonder why things are sad at your workplace? It's awful when moral is low.... Short but sweet blog post and thanks to Hank for cheering you up - I think. X

  6. Just like Jason's button stated....it is so true! We know how kids learn.....let us teach :)