Friday, February 24, 2012

My Chat with President Obama

I was probably the worst teacher in the whole wide world this week.  Still feeling like death warmed up, I couldn’t wrap my mind around calling in/planning for a a sub, but really had no business going in to work and taking care of little ones. 

Everything felt like it was in slow motion this week.  But I wasn’t the only one who was sick.  Our first day back, 4 of my students were absent and a couple of the ones who did attend sounded as healthy as I did. 

Trying to save my voice, I wrote many directions on the board and used my “teacher look” a lot in order to correct poor behavior.  Talking took a lot of effort and didn’t go over so well as one notified me, “You sound like a man today,” after listening to my gravelly voice.

When today (Friday) arrived, it was such a relief.  But when I picked up my class in line this morning, I walked into a bit of an argument between classmates. 
JS – Ms. Delight, JL said she saw you talking to President Obama yesterday. (skeptical)
JL (overhearing the tattling)  - I did see her on the street talking to Obama.
This made me chuckle, which of course led to convulsion-type coughs on the way back to class.  For the life of me, I can’t think of who JL saw me talking to because I don’t think it was President Obama.

That’s all I’ve got tonight people…I’m out!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Seven bells here and the hound is hopping from one foot to the other. We've been up since 1/4 to the hour when she heard the bird song of the dawn. Well she can darn well wait til I get a coffee down me. Her walks have increased with the lengthening day.

    Have you gotten any better. Not that I could do anything about it if you haven't. Still a bit of long distance sympathy might go a ways in cheering you up.
    You, cannot go someplace where you can just see the dog run like a crazy thing. That cheers me up no end. Any ol'hows. Have a good kip.

  2. Once I get one of those bugs, I sound like a man, for at least a month. They are hard to get over, hope you are better.

  3. Thanks Vince - I think I'm feeling a bit better so I push it a bit too far and realize I'm not. I'm on antibiotics now so maybe that'll move it along. I'm glad to hear that Jess is healing up for longer walks. The neighbor's dog came over yesterday to play with rigby. She had so much pent up energy from just laying around with me. They had a blast, and we both slept well last night. :)

  4. @banker chick - ha! I know it's ridiculous. Luckily, or unluckily, this thing is spreading like wildfire so everyone sounds this way. :). I have a good friend who has a pretty deep voice to begin with so when he gets sick it sounds great, like Barry White.

  5. I hope you are feeling better after resting this weekend and that the antibiotics are attacking the awful bug. I sure hope your memory comes back so you can fill us in on your conversation with the president!

  6. @marey - ha! Right?!?! Aren't they funny sometimes!

  7. Kids: "You sound like a man today, Miss Delight."

    Miss Delight: "Well, kids, I think it time you knew the truth..."

    LMAO! Sorry! That is how the movie of your situation played out in my head!

  8. @hula - ha ha...I'm too busy coughing up a lung to come up with a witty comeback. :). Maybe later though...

  9. And what exactly were you telling him? I'd like to know. Something about fixing Halloween so that it is always on the last Friday in October? Or maybe you've helped him see that the solution to our national financial crisis is to do away with high stakes testing in elementary schools?