Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stuck in Bed Biding My Time Until the Nyquil Kicks In

Yesterday, the first day of a four day weekend, I ran a ton of errands, so delighted to be done with them before the real weekend actually started.  While standing in line at my last stop, some freaking lady walked past me with a terrible cough.  She basically coughed in my face and wasn’t covering her mouth.  Blech!  It completely skeeved me out, but I kind of forgot about it until waking up in the middle of the night with a cough that made me sound like a seal.  It’s now 24 hours later, and I am achy, freezing, coughing, and have no voice.  I think that rude lady gave me the flu!  Thankfully, there are still two days left of weekend to get better, but what a bummer! 

Thursday night I spent a couple of hours pulling together my finances for the tax man appointment I have next weekend.  I keep everything, but it gets shoved into a folder each year and needs to be organized.  I needed the car registration fee to add to my expenses which was in the car.  When I got to the garage, I realized that, even though I had paid my registration in August, I had not yet put the most recent sticker on my license plate. 
stuff 054There are holders around both my license plates, and the back one has to be removed before I can put on the sticker.  I’ve been driving around with the sticker in my car, in case I got pulled over.  But because of that, I’ve only remembered to put the sticker on when I’m driving in the car.  With the sticker in my hand, I had no excuse, I took a minute and finally put it on. stuff 056Now I’m legal…but just for 5 more months when it expires AGAIN! 

With my Saturday night plans canceled, I’m stuck in bed and bored out of my mind.   I’ve been watching some television that I recorded.  My favorite fake newsman, Jon Stewart touched on a current event that has everyone talking this week.  Clearly, he read my post on the same subject!  So funny, yet so true!

And so did Stephen Colbert…

I had some trouble embedding these videos.  If they don’t come out, try the site.  They are worth a look.  Oh, and go to the little pink media player on the side and press pause.  That way the music doesn’t play at the same time.

My eyes are getting droopy.  Hopefully the drugs will knock me out so I can get some sleep tonight.  Stupid lady!


  1. Sorry you're sick. Bummer eh. Aren't you taking a work ethic a bit overboard arranging illness on your off-days. :D

    There isn't that much more I can say really.
    Th videos are region defined so I cannot do them. Pretty black screen though and of course a relief that it's not from the Goo-stable.
    And how were you allowed to get ill since they canonised Whitney. What with all the back to back programming about her plantin you'd think the woman wasn't allowed to wither alone on a regime of dirt for the last lord knows how long, certainly twenty years. You'd think a Pope or a Dalai Lama had shuffled off the coil.

  2. @Vince - what? Online videos have region issues? I had no idea. :(. They're good too! I'm happy to say that I didn't watch one iota of the funeral today. I dislike very much attending funerals (well duh, who doesn't), so to watch one on tv for entertainment just sounds awful. However, maybe if it were on now it would put me to sleep since I'm wide awake again...doing my best seal impersonation!

  3. What now ??????. Seal impersonation ????. What the SoCal hell have you lot developed now. And what kind of seal. You aren't poring hot wax on yourself in some variant of cupping.

    Did you see about that fellow stuck in the car since Dec. Buried under snow. Nowt to eat except ice.

    Have you tried the shower steam while rubbing Vicks on your chest. You have vicks right. Ha, 'twas made in the States, NC to be exact, so you do know it.

    And is it feed a fever starve a cold. Or the other way. Anywho. Stuff yourself with carbs, only stay away from milk/cheese et al. That'll just give you the screaming-meemies of nightmares with the meds. Do a meaty risotto. That should knock you out like you were poleaxed while giving you an energy source.

    And if you're stuck for an occupation. Re-set the blasted verification system. One can be read, the other might as well be Aramaic. Nor does the rendition in sound help.

  4. @vince - I'm not sure what kind of there a kind that's sits up, straight from sleep and barks it's head off for 5 minutes straight? That's the kind I feel like. :) Will check the verification soon.

  5. Actually there is. The young of all seals will do this. It's a sort of hoarse flat coughing-bark. Duh, Vincent.

    Consider I'm giving you a big squeezy hug.
    I won't add any amusing asides as a doubt very much you've much of a funny-bone this morning.

  6. Oh I sure hope you are feeling better today!

    I cannot listen to your clips because I am lame at the computer and don't know how to turn off your blog I just get both at once....walking on the moon!

    I have this week off! The whole's nice now but won't be when I have to work an extra week in June.

    Happy Preseident's Day!

  7. @Marey - took off the music player just for you! ;) Hope you enjoy your week off. Thinking about going back to work on Tuesday in this state sounds like the most awful thing in the world.

  8. How rude that woman was. Hope you will be feeling better soon. Sick days at work were created for such illnesses, Don't go back too soon. You could start an epidemic in your classroom.

  9. @bc - you're right, should stay home, but planning for a sub is almost more work than just going and riding out the day. We will see. I'm definitely on the mend, but not close to being well yet.

  10. Oh no. I hope you get better quick : ) Well, in time for school tomorrow any way. My work actually has a big meeting on holidays like this one. It is SO annoying.

  11. You should have followed her out to the carpark and slashed her tyres.

    Although, I always thought that a cold and/flu had a 7 - 10 day incubation period before showing its ugly head.

    All the same, I hope that you are on the mend and feeling better.

    I also cannot see the videos, 1.) because I don't have the correct add-on to view and, 2.) I'm not in the "right" region.

  12. @Becky - Well, at least I didn't have to sit in a meeting today! :)

    @Hula - It's messing with my head that you guys can't see these videos. I thought it was called the WORLD WIDE web! :)

  13. @Vince - No mon, I'm not dead! Ha! Ha! However, there were a few hours yesterday that I thought I might be. Not up to par yet, but getting there slowly but surely...hopefully I won't die of boredom before then. :)

  14. You would be amazed at how much content on the world wide web is based on the definition of "world" being America.