Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tasty Tuesday, On Wednesday

The past two weeks have been entirely too busy to cook anything exciting, or anything at all for that matter.  Luckily, Dine LA 2012-Restaurant Week(s) was up and running last week.  Mike, Elana, and I went to Tavern, located in Brentwood on San Vicente and Darlington. 

The chef/owner of Tavern is Suzanne Goin.  She is also the chef/owner of AOC and Lucques, which Mike and I have also visited.  After the complete and utter deliciousness (remember the plate licking incident) of those two, we were bound and determined to visit the last of the trio this time around.

Tavern didn’t disappoint.  It is a beautiful space.  However, taking a picture of it at night is nearly impossible.  Here are some taken during the day.

stuff 015Photos from “aackstudio

When entering, you walk through the “Larder” where they serve lunch and take out. We “ooo”ed and “awww”ed as we headed to the dining room which is also very pretty.

Photo from “aackstudio”

As I’ve mentioned before, during Dine LA, participating restaurants set a prix fixe menu and for a price the menu includes a choice of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.   We weren’t very adventurous with our first two choices.  Again, the photos aren’t great; either dark or blown out.

The three of us had arugula with Asian pears, roasted grapes, walnuts and St. Agur blue for our first course.
stuff 006
Then we ordered boeuf bourguignon with potato purée, bacon and wild mushrooms.  All the food we’ve had at Chef Goin’s restaurants are served very rustically, not modern and sleek.  I think that’s what we like best about it.  She’s a genius at putting together flavors that work so well together.  This dish was amazing, and the short ribs melted in our mouths.

stuff 007

We branched out a bit for dessert.  Elana and I ordered a ‘smores chocolate sundae with chocolate sorbet, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker, and caramel popcorn.  I know right?!?!  The graham crackers were homemade. 

stuff 010

Where as Mike ordered the cookies and milk plate.  If I remember correctly, there was a chocolate chip, chocolate/Portuguese sea salt, pistachio, lemon, and a butter cookie.  Mike loves his cookies, but he did share.  They were fresh and crisp.  stuff 011
Even though it was a school night and the reservation time was past my work bedtime, we had such a nice evening - the best I had eaten in two weeks.  It was great while it lasted…The clock turned midnight 9:00 though, and Cinderella had to go back to working late and eating popcorn for dinner.


  1. I love when you do these posts : ) It is fun to live vicariously through you!

  2. @ Becky- it was fun, but not my norm in any way, shape, or form. Back to reality after that!

  3. Well, god bless google street view.

    That looks a pleasant spot for a bite to eat. There is an odd dichotomy with the tower blocks and the low ranch style of the restaurant. Can smokers eat outside.

    Is it easy to drive once it goes outside of the rush hour so a twenty mile trip is do-able or is it hell anytime.

  4. I've never been to a restaurant where you could choose cookies and milk for dessert. I love it! More places should do that.

  5. @Vince - yes, it's very boutique-y while across this street is a massive mall structure. Smokers? No, in LA they aren't really allowed to smoke anywhere any more except in their home and car...most public spaces are non-smoking. Surprisingly enough, the traffic was decent. It can be horrific during that time of day (or any time really), but we did ok.

  6. @Mark - Ya! You're right, there aren't many. Mike was so happy to wrap up his leftovers to take home...we couldn't do that with the sundae.

  7. Potato Puree? I am assuming that is mashed potatos?

    If so, that is what I am going to call my mashed potatoes from here on out.

  8. Okay...I need cookies now!

  9. @Hula - if you're fancy that what you call them!

    @Marey - I know right?!?!

  10. It was another absolutely delicious meal! But Kim you got the cookies a little mixed up. The pistachio/lemon zest was one cookie and the forgotten was the oatmeal and golden raisin cookie. They were all SO yummy! But I think my favorite was the chocolate and Portuguese sea salt cookie. And '"ooh"ing and "aaahh"ing our way through the Larder is such an understatement! We were drooling! And even after our meal and we were stuffed we were drooling on our way back out! ALL those yummy bakery treats! And the bread! Oh my! I'm hungry again now!

  11. @Mike - Oh, oatmeal! That's right, how could I forget. Maybe if we save our money we can go back again and order off the regular menu! :)

  12. I know since I gave up the fags I treat the acrid smell of cig-smoke on the wind like an earlier generation did mustard gas. But even I think it's OK to feed them outside. IT simply cannot be worse that car fumes.

    Mad isn't it that I sitting in Tipperary can see the area. Kinda worrisome really. Still, worse if only the State had access.

  13. @vince - yep the ban is pretty hardcore
    It's nice not leaving places smelling like smoke anymore, but it does make me a little feel bad for smokers.
    Google earth is fascinating and creepy all at the same time isn't it. I hadn't much thought about it until I was looking at my house while inside my house. It had kind of a "get out! the call is coming from inside the house!" kind of vibe. It's kind of a neat perspective though; one we don't see driving on the street.

  14. Yuuuuummmmmm. You had me at s'mores.

  15. That meal was unbelievable! The boeuf bourguignon just melted in your mouth. It was totally worth going out on a school night for. I can't wait for the next dine la week!

  16. Oh man! What a great meal. You've got me craving ribs and a posh salad and a sumptuous dessert now. YUM!

    The restaurant is lovely.

    I hate that you eat popcorn for dinner. Not very satisfying, is it. Esp when you know how amazing real food can be. :)