Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • This week Rick Santorum made some headway in the primaries.  I’m not sure whether to be frightened or thrilled.  Santorum is SO socially conservative, his views on, well most social issues, are really quite scary since we are living in 2012 and not 1950.  He’s for small government on business but GIANT government on families, marriage, sex, religion, and pretty much anything else that keeps women barefoot, pregnant, and out of the work force.  On the other hand, those same views are hopefully so polarizing to most that, if he did win the Republican ticket, that would surely give Obama another four years.  Obama has had his share of ups and downs, but at least he stays out of our personal lives, because they aren’t any of his business.
  • My backyard has, yet again, become the bane of my existence.  I’m no good at gardening, so the landscape is quite minimal back there.  But things have recently taken a turn for the worst as my sprinkler system has gone bonkers.  They’ve stopped working where they are needed and have now started watering the dirt.  The dirt has since turned into a swamp that the puppy LOVES to run through.  Even if I send her out for 30 seconds she comes back covered in mud.  I’ve tried turning them in another direction, but they’ve just fallen off, only causing gushers.  I’ve called the gardener to come out and fix them, but he’s been useless.  I think I might have to find someone else, which means firing the one I have now…and I don’t want to have to fire anyone. 
  • So Whitney Houston died yesterday, on the eve of the Grammys.  Of course, it’s very sad that such an amazingly talented singer is gone after only 48 years of life, but let’s be real.  She has been a hot mess for the last several years.  I can’t think her death would have been a great surprise for anyone close to her.  Even though cause of death reports have not been released yet, her notorious drug and alcohol abuse was sure to be her demise. 
  • This week, I started playing “shuffle” on my entire iPod while driving in the car.  I had gotten tired of my playlists and needed to hear something different.  Last night Sonora Carruseles’ “Micaela” came on.  It is such a fun song, and made me miss the couple of years that I went salsa dancing once a week with some friends.  They stopped the weekly classes a year or so ago, and I never looked for another place.  I’ll have to add that to my “to do” list. 
  • Birth control and Planned Parenthood have been in the forefront the last few weeks.  Men in government, men in medicine, men in church, and men in the news have been debating the morality of the distribution and use of birth control.  Does anyone else find it funny that the ones debating whether I can get/use birth control are men?  It’s even more hypocritical that drugs like Viagra and Cialis are paid for by many insurance companies while woman have to pay for contraceptives out of their own pocket.  That doesn’t seem quite fair, especially with all those newly erect penises to deal with. This week Obama tried to reach a compromise with women and the “Church men” with a policy requiring the insurance companies to pick up the tab on birth control.  That’s a win, if it doesn’t get knocked down by the right. 
  • I’m still up watching the Grammys and kind of irritated that even though the awards’ show takes place here in Los Angeles,about 20 miles away, we had to wait until 8PM (3 hours after it actually happened) to watch it.  Friends on the East Coast already knew who won before it even aired here, plus starting a 3.5 hour show at 8:00 means it’s going much later than I want to stay up for a Sunday night.  There are about 15 minutes left, and having fast forwarded the country music bits, it’s been a pretty decent show. 


  1. Hmmmm-sies, which first.
    Santorum is a dick but will probably take the nomination as the others have far too many ticks against them in the wider race.
    And FYI, it's pregnant and barefoot. You are shoeless because you cannot get down to tie the shoe. Not knocked-up because you are unshod. :-D. It was one of the great levelers when 90% of the population went shoeless.

    Don't know what type of sprinkler you've got so cannot give suggestions. And there might be a by-law that requires you to get a qualified person to tinker with it anyway since the water has to be shipped in. Oh, the simplest garden is one where you have small trees native to that area.

    W Houston, I thought she was in her 60s.

    BC&PP; what happens if you don't have any insurance at all.

    The Grammys are a bit like the production scores for a coal mine. But I'm uncertain how far or long the effect is outside that rim of hills north of you.

  2. On a sub question. What's with all the lapel flags. It's hardly likely anyone would mistake anyone for Canadian.
    From the NYT “It comes from an elite culture, dictated, again, from academia, dictated, again, from the Hollywood culture and the news media, that says, ‘The only thing that’s affirming, the only thing that really counts is what you do at work.’ ” . I know it supposed to be English, but it just isn't. It's not even meaningless.

  3. @Vince - Pregnant and barefoot, huh? Well, that makes sense. :) What lapel pins are you speaking of? The ones on the politicians? Those started making an appearance after 9/11. Maybe they are "proof" that the one wearing it is more American than the one not? I don't know.
    As for the uninsured, that's why planned parenthood is there.

  4. Yeah the ones with the S&S. I get the little Rotary pins or the KBT of some Frat/Sor. I even get the rings from a Uni'/Annapolis.

    (chuckle) Yep, a bun in the oven and shoeless. There really is a causal connection. The other way, not so much.

  5. Listen, if Santorum gets the nod, Obama's my guy! Santorum really is a scary mess. Why hasn't anyone found any dirt on him yet? I'm still waiting. By the way, do you know that Obama could just step and end all this deportation mess that Fred and I are going through. It would only take a signature and it would be all over. Maybe next term! If we're not kicked out of the country by then.
    Re: your garden. I know nothing about gardening either but couldn't you do some sort of brick patio and areas of native plants that grow without a sprinkler? Seriously, I'm asking, I have really have no idea.

  6. @mark - I know! Your whole situation is ridiculous. He should just sign it! As for the garden situation...ya I have no idea, you are asking the wrong person, clearly.

  7. I know sprinklers, having to replace thousands of them every week. But sprinkler systems are too infuriating to even think about. Now that for once, I have all working and unbroken (is that a word?) sprinkler heads, two fo the three solanoids have gone and I have to change the watering stations manually, which leads to a very tedious and wet morning for me.

    I vote that you just replace your grass with that fake turf and all of your plants with those fake plants, then pipe in the sounds of birds chirping and call it a day.

    I really enjoyed your comment about all the erect penises.. I didn't really catch anymore of that sentence, but I enjoyed that part!

  8. @hula - as I wrote that sentence, I wondered if it was too crass, but I think it's pretty funny while still getting my point across. ;)
    I've always wanted a nice big green back yard, but I tell you what, it's hard! And this one is only small!

  9. I am going to tell you the secret to green grass.

    Put some Urea on your lawn. Within a week, it will be the most amazing green you have ever seen.

  10. I know. The whole viagra vs. birth control thing is just plain NUTS.

    The world is nuts. And sometimes I feel like I am going nuts right along with it.

    I'm expecting you to go right on out and get some Urea! Or, you could make your own. Ew.

  11. @Jason - our world is going a little nuts these days isn't it? I thought Hula was being sarcastic, but it really is fertilizer! That sounds like something I don't want to be bothered with...a sprinkler-free deck and brick and patio are sounding better and better.

  12. Jason sounds crabby!

    Urea really is a fertiliser! I use it all the time.

    I have tried urine, but it kills the grass in spots.

  13. @Hula - OK, I don't want to talk about Urea anymore...did you watch the grammys? :)

  14. The Grammys? Is that the geriatric girl group everyone is talking about?


    They don't show the Grammys down here (at least on any TV station that I have). But all of yesterday morning I heard snippets of the show on the radio.

    Who wore what and I don't want to know anything about you know who.

  15. @hula - no, no, i won't talk about her just to say that the one video clip they showed of her singing "Saving All My Love For You" back in the 80s made me feel a little bit nostalgic - singing that at the top of my lungs into my hair brush to my 14 year old boyfriend. She really was good back in the day.
    Other than that, Adele did well and so did the Foo Fighters. Really they are the only two I cared much about. Not being a top 40 listener, I really could have cared less. Although I was a bit irritated that Chris Brown kept winning even though he is still on probation for beating up his girlfriend. It should be a rule - you can't be a grammy winner if you hit your girlfriend!!!

  16. I like Adele and I am glad that she has won so many awards as I feel she deserves it for her proper songwriting and vocal skills.

    Personally her music makes me want to murder someone. The admin department play this horrible radio station all day and Adele is on at least 4 times a day.

    I want to poke my eyes out everytime I hear her.

    I can just imagine you singing in a hairbrush!! Was your boyfriend in the room at the time? Were you singing to him in the literal sense or to him in the emotional sense?

    My sister's graduation song was The Greatest Love of All... and wait a minute! How did I get suckered into this topic!!

    And Chris Brown stinks. I wish that Rhianna had come out a bit more against him than she did, but that is the nature of abuse and show business.

  17. @Hula - God no! He wasn't in my mom would have never allowed that! ;)