Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I’m About Ready to Unfriend Facebook

I think Facebook has worn out it’s welcome at my house.  I’ve been so skeptical of it since first signing up a few years ago, after having my arm twisted.  Since, my usage has gone in waves.  I’ve enjoyed using it to hear what my friends out-of-state/country are up to, but over time I’m finding it less and less useful.

What is with using FB to to call others out or start arguments?  I find internet muscles so unappealing.  Several members of my family complain (or verbally attack) about their parents, children, siblings, cousins, etc. online – complaints that are posted for all their “friends” to see, including the one being called out.  There’s something very passive aggressive about that.  Even worse, the discussion that takes place is in front of all to see.  Anyone who uses social media does have at least some “hey, look at me” qualities, but when it becomes hostile or disrespectful, I don’t have any tolerance for it.  I've started blocking the posts of some of my family members because they were getting so irritating.

More recently, the political posts are becoming too much.  It’s no secret, I’m a liberal, so the extreme right posts that are popping up on the newsfeed are driving me mad.  Upon seeing some of the comments made by a few close friends I just feel deflated.  How can we be such good friends and have complete opposite ideologies? 

This month, FB began testing out their pay-for-posts plan on regular people.  Apparently, businesses have been paying for posts for quite some time, but that would be considered part of their advertising I’d assume.  Now, individuals who feel like their posts aren’t seen by enough of their friends, can pay $7 a post to make sure it is.  Are you freaking kidding me?  If i need someone to know something THAT badly, I can just call or email or text them.  I wonder if people are actually paying for that.  

So what does this all mean?  It’s probably best to simply delete my account and wash my hands of it all.  The problem is, the nosey side of me likes to read about what my friends are up to.  Some of them are VERY funny and interesting, and I enjoy reading what they write – like I enjoy reading funny and interesting blog posts.  Maybe Facebook can create a block button for posts that start arguments or have political leanings. That way I can just read the fun stuff.    


On another liberal note, I found this article looking for the FB one.  What is going on here?  Who are these people that are running and getting elected into office.  It’s truly frightening.


  1. I think as long as you are using it rather than it using you everything will work out.
    However, I truly believe it's on it's way out. There is something bullying about it. A bit like a few years ago on the blog platforms you felt that a cohort had a vision of it being a reserve onto themselves and were more than prepared to inflict merry hell on anyone that disagreed with them. Well I've switched it off. I refused to have nudging mails in my in box and I truly hate that they want me to 'meet' with 'friends' of friends like some dinner party from hell.
    On the cash for post, that smacks of desperation and the need to find an income stream to justify the Jiggamillions of a Well St valuation. Well &*^% that for a game of soldiers.

    As to the post script. I'm in the camp of the Democrat. I would restrict abortion to life of the mother issues and time limit that also.
    But having the Tea Party person ventilating this issue is a very good thing. It might dawn that it's not an issue for politicians at all, but for the courts. Abortion and the right to privacy which underpins it in the USA is part of the Rights of the Citizen these cannot be removed or reduced by law or amendment.

    1. I think that's it - making sure it doesn't use you. There are a lot of things about FB that are kind of nuts when you think about it too hard.

      As for the 2nd item, I don't take issue with anyone's personal beliefs on it. It is a hot buttoned topic that is never going to be agreed upon. What angers me, is the way that it's being talked about, and essentially the way women are being talked about. The comments made by Akin and now this ding dong are insulting. I bet their view on the subject matter would flip flop if their own wife, daughter, sister, mother was a victim. But yes, maybe getting it out there is a good thing. My only concern is that while it hangs out there, there are plenty who will eat it up.

    2. Hmmmm, I know there were a couple more replies here - they were in my email...I don't know where they went?!?!

  2. I rarely post anything on my FB, but I enjoy and 'like' lots of stuff of my friends. I did hide a niece because of her politics, she was just right of fascism. It would light my fire and upset me.
    As far as Akins and Murdock, they profess many ideas, that some of my neighbors here in southwestern MO, say Amen to. I have to just shake my head in wonderment.

    1. I would imagine the political climate in middle America is quite different than it is over here.

  3. I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award on my blog

  4. I feel the same way. I even have "friends" who yell at their kids friends for being mean...and they are in high school!