Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ode to the New Library

The doors opened just last week.

8008076208_17e536627dLocal teachers were asked to be the first visitors. 


There are rows and rows and rows of picture books where children who love to read can devour books.

8044457912_6bfbcf5865 8012161693_e2d0a89f85And with a homework and tutoring room for those without help at home.

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In a room with 12-foot picture windows and colorful computers with large-keyed keyboards for little fingers.

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8044450379_3413cc5bb2Two stories of new with a little bit of the past sprinkled in. 8021451125_43eb2e51aa

8021448425_68fb716219Catering to the needs of young and old alike. 

Desktops and even laptops for check out to be used for writing, learning, thinking. 
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Within two blocks of an elementary school that is thrilled to have it so nearby.


  1. I cannot get beyond the notion that these placed are outdated by as much as 70 years. Now don't get me wrong. I fully believe that such spaces can be a force of great good. What I less certain is the method.
    You see I don't think that the perception of the people using it that actually need it are taken into any account. Can you imaging the degree of intimidation.
    But worse, their budgets are a tool of their funders. And should a party enter power with beliefs that their servants don't need education as happened here, a version of that anyway, then they simply begin choking the funds.
    Currently though, as in today, what are they. If you were the librarian what is it you would tell the kids on Show and Tell Day. And if the definition is thin now, in five years it won't be recognizable since the contents will be delivered in other ways. With the caveat, 'if it is to be of effect'. There is always the possibility that they become museums to and for the hold outs against the z-pad/tablet (insert photo of self).

    Here, they are the preserve of a type of family that if they could get away with it, would home school. They know what it is, and use it in that fashion.

    1. I get what you are saying but don't know if I can agree with all of it. I think there are more than just a few tablet hold outs. Our libraries are packed with people most of the day. I do agree that technology is changing the way we use them, especially when it comes to research. It's the libraries' job then to adjust to that and stay relevant. Ours have done a decent job of that both inside and online which includes a large collection of downloadable audio and epub books - all books that cost $$ on amazon etc. but are still free at the library. In an article about the new building I read recently, someone commented on the amount of technology in it as negative. But if they don't evlove with the times, they will be the dinosaurs you say.
      Our libraries in town have always been run by LA County up until recently. The County was choking the funds here while wealthier areas were getting the upgrades. The city decided to take the libraries over just last year and I think they've done a great job promoting them in the community and more specifically in the schools.
      I plan on walking my kids over there once a week to promote it as well. My take is the more I talk about it and show them how to use it, the more they will talk about it and want to use it with their families. The city also encourages usage by promoting after school type programs like homework help/tutoring, book talks/author visits, games, etc. I think they are trying to make it the center of the community.
      Did that make any sense at all? It's late, so I'm going to bed, but I love the library! :)

    2. Am I getting this correct. You have city,county state and federal taxes.

      Sorry my point is that it will have to evolve. And do so drastically. I simply do not see libraries in five years being the same. They will have changed more in the next ten that they have since Andrew Carnegie 100 years ago.

    3. Yep to the taxes, and some how we're still broke!

      I hope they don't change too much. I like going to mine.

  2. What is better than a library? I am SO excited for the students at your school! 2 blocks away. I hope they will flock there and I hope with all that is in within me they will connect with someone who will help them find the light! : ) Beautiful place.

    1. I think it's pretty. They did a good job of making it welcoming. This last Monday, after the grand opening, I had several kids come to school who told me they visited. So that's a good sign.

  3. That's incredible!! I took a bus field trip with my kids to our local is like that only not as big...but equally loved. A bond was passed to build it and at the time some people thought libraries would be obsolete in a few years so there was a big NO campaign against it. But it passed and the place is packed when I go on Sundays to get books for my class for the week.

    Enjoy the library!!

    1. There were certainly those against the new library here, and as usual in politics, certain things about it seemed kinda shady. Regardless, the community's previous library was about the size of my living room, so this one is quite nice. I'm looking forward to our visits.

  4. The library looks great.. just look at all the pretty books.

  5. What a gorgeous library! How lucky it is so close to your school.

  6. I could live in a library. I'd live in that library. I hope you're feeling better!

    1. I'm fine, just busy - treading water kind of - but fine. :) Thanks for asking. Yes, anywhere with books, I could live there.