Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boise - The Land of Potatoes (and Really Good Hair)

Other than coming down with a head cold (typical once any break starts) on the last day of my trip, the mini-break to Boise, Idaho was great fun.  My friends Tami and Jeff moved from California to Idaho a couple of years ago, and this was my first chance to get up there to see them.  First and foremost, my favorite part of the visit was of course visiting with my friends.  Beyond that, the cool weather and the soft water were a close second and third.  A few years ago several communities in Los Angeles banned salt-based water softeners for environmental reasons.  This past weekend is the first time in years that I’ve washed my hair in soft water.  Ahhhh, it was so manageable and soft and easy to do.  Boy do I miss that soft water!

Anyways, back to Boise.  Here are some highlights…

We went to the Boise State football game against Colorado State.  Broncos’ football is kind of a religion in Idaho.  It was windy and rainy – good football weather. stuff 005
stuff 006
stuff 007

Boise State is known for the blue, rather than green, football field.  On TV it looks almost teal, but in reality it’s a very deep blue. stuff 010

stuff 016 stuff 029Compared to the watching USC play at the Coliseum with it’s 70,000+ seats, Bronco stadium seemed so small.  Our “cheap” seats were very close. 

The city of Boise is just a few minutes from Tami and Jeff’s so we went in quite a few times over the weekend.  It’s a very small and clean city.  I was surprised to learn that it also has the largest Basque community in the US.

stuff 038 stuff 039 stuff 040 
The Idaho State Capitol Buildingstuff 043 stuff 048

We went to three or four coffee places while I was visiting, and none of them were Starbucks!  Big City Coffee was probably my favorite of them all.  stuff 047

    stuff 047_1    stuff 051
stuff 049
stuff 053
stuff 054   
Right near Boise State there are several different museums and educational centers. 
stuff 056

    Boise Art Museum (BAM)
stuff 059
stuff 057 The White Elephant’s exhibit by Billie Grace Lynn.

stuff 062

Idaho’s Black History Museum and Abraham Lincoln statue.stuff 074
stuff 075
stuff 078
The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial educational park was very moving.

stuff 089  stuff 098  stuff 090
Bridge over the Boise River stuff 091

stuff 094

A pretty sky…
stuff 118
There are several drive-in/diner/dive-type restaurants in Idaho that have been featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives television show.  We stopped in at the West Side Drive In.
stuff 119
stuff 124
A used bookstore in the Hyde Park area of Boise…
 stuff 126
stuff 127
stuff 130
I arrived back into LA right on time yesterday afternoon and then proceeded to take three hours to get home from the airport.  Rigby was happy to finally be picked up and taken home last night, as evident by these photos.

stuff 135
stuff 133
What a nice trip.  Thanks to Tami and Jeff for their hospitality!


Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Yeah, you'd wonder about the Basques.

    Glad you had a good trip and got back safe. And how big is the bed. Seems a middle sized dog is utterly lost above at the top of it. Still I suppose if it's half as hot as you say it is you'd spend the night in search of a cool spot.

    Lovely photos. Is that Tom Jones in the drive-in.

    1. Thank you. It was a good time.
      Ha ha ya the bed IS giant. I once log rolled 3 times from one side to the other to prove its enormity, but ironically I sleep only on the very,very left edge. :)
      No, the picture at the drive-in is the host of the Food Network show that visited.

    2. Is there a story with the bronze of the playful girl peeping around the wall for a park bench.
      Whoever made it is remarkably good for there is a lot of movement in it.

    3. It's Anne Frank. Here's a little info...

  2. Fun. Are you thinking about moving to Boise now? It might be worth it to be close to Tami!

  3. Glad you had a great time!
    And wow...that letter to "Dear Teacher!"
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. There were several walls of moving quotes. That one resonated the most with me.

  4. A lovely post. I love small town living. Joplin is a former mining town as are most of the little towns around here. DD2 has a job in Springfield, Mo about an hour from here and will be moving there after the first of the year, and I love Springfield.

    1. There are definitely perks to small towns. I was reminded of that when it took about 20 minutes to get to the Boise airport during "rush hour" and almost 3 hours the get home from lax at 1:00 in the afternoon.