Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Odds and Ends

It seems like just yesterday that I spoke excitedly about the cool weather!  In fact, I think it was just yesterday.  (Today it was back up into the 80s…again – going later and later every year.) Over the long weekend, our temps dropped into the 50s/60s during the day.  It was heavenly.  A small storm had passed through So. Cal. on Friday, and the skies were gorgeous over the weekend.  The color of blue we get after a storm is something.  I wish I could recreate it with paint.stuff 596 stuff 598 stuff 599 stuff 600
It was a blustery fall day on Saturday.  Even after a windblown walk, Rigby’s energy was through the roof.  We played some ball She ran around the backyard carrying the ball while I stood and watched. 

stuff 605 stuff 610 stuff 618 stuff 619 stuff 622
Rigby has two clean beds (one up and one downstairs), a clean couch, clean rugs/carpet and I even let her on my clean bed, but she has chosen to cuddle up with the dirty feet towel that sits by the back door.
stuff 642

And some fun things found online…


My kind of spontaneity…


So nice, but get a tissue. 

The Ellen Show filmed this at the Costco in town.  So funny! (Can’t ever tell if I embed these YouTube videos correctly.  Here’s the link, just in case.)

That’s all I’ve got tonight.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. That Ellen thingy was a bit off. But I find her a bit snide so perhaps it's me. Cosco though, I want one. I do like the notion of shelf stacking with a forklift truck.

    Rigby is a total scamp. And it truly is amusing what they find as 'theirs'.

    Have you got robot spiders coming to visit ?.

    What I don't know is how you've managed to keep the place as spotless as it is. I was a bit house proud, a very unmanly attitude frankly, before I got Jessy. Now not so much.


    1. Still at work and will reply later but had to ask...robot spiders? :)

    2. Yeah, huge ones. In the photo where the hound is on the dirty feet towel.

    3. Ha! Ya, I just saw the patio furniture legs back there. :)
      As for the cleanliness...it's all relative. In relation to the dirty feet towel, those other things ARE clean. :) Someone sent me this awhile back
      Keeping up with the dog hair is almost a full time job though.
      As for Ellen, eh, I don't watch her show so I don't have an opinion, but when that girl spoke the Spice Girls' song to that man I literally laughed out loud.
      Costco is cool for certain things. I can not possibly use up a lot of what they sell before it goes bad, but when I buy laundry detergent or paper products I can go almost a whole year before I have to buy them again.

    4. I saw this http://www.amazon.com/iRobot-Roomba-4210-Discovery-Vacuuming/dp/B00022HYJ6 but I know none that has one. It just seems way too good to be true.

      Lovely photos btw.

    5. I've seen that too but don't know anyone who has one either. Looks like it's received good reviews though. I wonder if it would go up the stairs by itself. :)

  2. Animals go first so they can greet you first when its your turn to go. Totem plays fetch like that with the tennis balls. We got a smaller soccer ball, supposedly for Gwennie to herd. But Totes claimed it and he plays a great defense game. Since he can't hold it totally in his mouth he can't run away from us.

    1. Wasn't that sweet. I like yours too, although if I think about it too much it makes me cry.
      Rigby's ball WAS too big to carry, so she just popped a hole in it and now she can carry it because it's FLAT! She doesn't herd her ball, but if I'm out there she herds me with the ball in her mouth. She doesn't really want me to play with it, but wants me to watch her play with it. Although every so often I can kick out from under her and she likes to chase it too. She's such a goofball. The pictures don't really do her justice.

  3. Love the crazy dog pics...I am fostering a dog who is very cool but she won't come on the bed even if I call her up. Thanks for the laughs for it is conference week here and ...uh! need I say more...then of course tears for the dog leaving before us article!
    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Oh, what a well trained dog. Mine won't get down even if I call her down. :) I wish you the best. Our conferences were really early this year, which I dislike because they are too soon to have any real info on the kids, but now that everyone else is doing conferences I'm so glad we're done. Two more days until break! Good luck.

  4. YOu know we are doing that the next time we go out, right?

    1. Ha ha ha! Makes me laugh just thinking about it. :)