Friday, February 15, 2013

And It’s Still Only Friday!

After making it through Valentine’s Day a.k.a.
1without incident and maybe even a little creativity
2I’ve been rewarded with a 4-day weekend.  A 4-day weekend, hooray!!!  Thankfully George Washington and Abraham Lincoln both had birthdays in February!

I met with a parent yesterday after school and she mentioned her wish to have a long weekend every month.  I’d even take a 3 day weekend.  Having an extra day (or more) tacked onto the weekend is heavenly.  Weekends usually fly by.  Most of it is spent on chores and errands that aren’t taken care of during the week and possibly a social outing.  By the time those are over, weekend’s over.  Having that extra day to just be makes a world of difference. 

In fact, this morning I woke up rather early (for some crazy reason) and completed all my chores and errands by about 12:30.  It has been ages since I’ve washed my car.  We’ve had rain forecasted on and off for the last several weeks.  It’s rarely rain that washes off the car, but rather causes little mud puddles when it spits.  I’m not someone who is ever too concerned about the car, but it’s a nice feeling to have it clean and sparkly and to not have to worry about it for another several months.

With all the have-tos done, I went out to a movie tonight.  We saw Quartet which is based on the stage play of the same name, written by Ronald Harwood.  What a sweet movie. 
Quartet-UK-Poster-585x438It takes place in a retirement home for musicians.  I haven’t been able to find whether it’s based on a true story and/or if there is really such a thing as a musician’s retirement home.  But what a concept huh?  The best parts of the movie were when the various characters would break into song or play the piano, clarinet, cello, etc.  Children visited for lessons from the residents.  Plus, the home and its surroundings were breathtaking. 

A meteorite?  Wow!  The footage on the rare event in Russia was something wasn’t it.  I would imagine witnessing that would make you think the world was ending.  Since it’s a 4-day weekend, I’m glad it didn’t end. 

The best part of a long weekend is when, even though the first day is over, there are still three more days left! 


  1. Agh I don't know. If I saw that fireball I'd be thinking plane not ELE. What baffled me was the VOLUME of Russians living in a flat bog with HD video on the dash. What could you be expecting on empty roads requiring a camera.

    Congrats on the work and the weekend. On the film

    I would've thought a short week would be the very last thing a parent would want. You yes, them no, oh so very much no.

    Here this morning it was light at 7.20, not bright but light enough to see. What a relief !!!!.

    1. Thanks for the link! Although isn't it funny how being set in New Jersey doesn't seem nearly as quaint/sweet as it was being set in the English countryside. :)
      I thought the same about the cameras in Russia. I'm glad that it was caught on tape because what an interesting and rare occurrence, but it does make you wonder what the cameras are used regularly used for.
      Many of my parents would prefer we take care of their kids more not less. This one is a bit odd and actually enjoys spending time with her daughter. ;)
      7:20 huh? That has got to make getting up early terribly hard. We're seeing sun rise maybe around 6 these days, however when we spring forward in a few weeks it'll be more Iike 7 for a time until spring catches up to our clock changes.

    2. I think there was a retirement home in the past like the one in NJ. But since the NHS does a good job in caring for people the needs for such became mote in the 1950's. this is the replacement.
      Of course there may be ones still but they would be more like hotels than 'homes'. And I expect the 'needs' would be more towards loneliness than anything else since the costs would be ginormous.

      On the 7.20. I'm up a good hour by then. A little girl needs to go. Mind you the little 'b' wanted to go out at 3.30 yesterday. That I wasn't too pleased with.

    3. Luckily Rigby has learned that we sleep in. :). Most times when I wake up at 5:30 for work she's still passed out until I shoo her outside. I have been known to say, "you're so lucky," on many occasion, jealous that my dog gets to sleep in! Last week she had some kind of bug and got up several times a night over a few days, ugh!

      Wouldn't it be something to live out the last years of your life surrounded by music and singing - Maybe adding years while battling the loneliness.

  2. I didn't realize how many people don't like Valentines Day. Even though no one ever loved me until Gary, I always thought it was the most fantastic day in the world. I mean, honestly, love is my FAVORITE thing : ). A whole day to celebrate love.

    I would love to see that movie. I saw this video earlier this week and it touched my heart. Music has been on my mind ever since.

    I agree about 3 day weekends. Absolutely heavenly! Gary has off today and tomorrow. He NEVER has the whole weekend off. He has to work Monday but I am just so happy he has 2 days.

    1. Ehh, I don't dislike Valentina's Day. But I think it's way more about commercial success than about love. Someone posted the sign on Facebook and I thought it was funny. But don't worry, I wasn't sad. :)
      What a touching video. I'm always torn when I watch documentaries like that. On one hand I'm so glad that music has touched these kids' lives on the other hand I'm appalled that they are living on a landfill in the first place. How does a society let that happen?!?!

    But today is a sad funeral of the former student day...then I plan to rock this week!
    I loved the photos of your Valentines! I will have to remember that for next year :)

    1. Oh you lucky duck!
      But I'm sorry about the funeral. Luckily I've not had that experience, but I can only imagine how painful it must be.
      Thanks, this year was the first year I've done the project. I just couldn't do another "cut out and glue the photocopied hearts together" project. They turned out cute and make a great bulletin board.

  4. I really want to see the movie Quartet, because of Maggie Smith. There was a movie last year The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel that also had Judy Dench in it that was of a similar theme. I finally saw Les Miserables and I liked the expanded on the book a little more than the play for obvious reasons. I thought Russel Crow was not really up to the music but adequate. Hugh Jackman did a great job, I worried about God on High but he managed to bring it off. I differ with a lot of people about Ann Hathaway. She acted the song very well but I love the pure singing voice of the play, heart felt but not awash in anguish and tears. Fo me, Sasha Baron Cohen came across as too sinister, instead of delightfully devilish in Master of the House, after that the role is devilishly sinister as it should be. The cinamatography was lavish, beautiful, and heartbreaking in its realism.

    1. I saw the Marigold Hotel movie also. Yes, similar.
      See, I liked Russell Crowe in the role as well as SBC and Helena Bonham Carter in Master of the House. Again though, I went in with LOW expectations so enjoyed it all. The play is still by far favorite.

  5. Replies
    1. No I don't think so. I think it's supposed to be funny. I think it's funny. :)

  6. I couldn't agree more. 4 day weekend rock!!!