Sunday, February 3, 2013

It’s 7:00 on Sunday Night

and I’m already in bed.  A bad cold virus and/or flu has been running rampant over the last month.  Remarkably, I’ve stayed relatively healthy while everyone around me has been dropping like flies.  Relatively healthy that is until I woke up yesterday morning with “IT”.  Actually, compared to the symptoms others have been dealt, I think I’m getting off a bit easy with what I think might just be a head cold.  However, my sinuses are screaming, my eyes won’t stop watering, and I can’t breathe out of my nose.  It could be a lot worse based on what’s been going around, but still, I am tired and I don’t like it.

I have worn out another pair of workout sneakers and went on the hunt for another pair this week. is my go-to place for shoes with literally thousands of shoes in their inventory and free next day shipping and returns.  I love Zappos.  Anyways, I found a couple pairs of Adidas I liked.  I have found Adidas fit my foot the best so I usually start there. I ordered both pairs in two sizes and they arrived the next day.  I am generally a size 8.5 in shoes, sometimes going up to a 9 with certain brands or styles.  With the Adidas, I’ve consistently worn an 8.5.  I liked both pairs that came so my choice was going to come down to fit.  I tried on the pink and gray shoes, 8.5 and couldn’t even get it on my foot, so went to the 9.  I could get them on, but they weren’t terribly comfortable.  I went to the blue pair, and started with the 9 this time.  Those shoes were too big, and so were the 8.5s.  After all said and done, I returned all 4 pairs and exchanged them for a size 8 in the blues, which fit perfectly.  And I can’t remember if I’ve ever worn an 8.  To a point, I get that there isn’t universal sizing with shoes and clothes across brands, but I was a surprised that the same brand differed so greatly. 

The main character of a book I’m listening to right now had the following quote, “I was born at 5:14 on a Tuesday morning and because of that I always thought of myself as a morning person.”  Having been born at exactly 11:00am on a Sunday and NOT being a morning person, there may be something to that theory.

I love paper, so I this will be my next local field trip…


Ha! Ha!

Have a great week.


  1. Awwww, poor you, sincerely. Big hugs.

    (video)From $4 million to being unable to meet the power bill. Wow. And if taking a line from his neighbour still unable.

    Mmmm-hmmmmm, I'd have thought your foot would swell being sick an all. Not shrink. Are you sure you are putting it on the correct foot. One foot is 'always' bigger than the other.

    I wonder if you are near a tree that's releasing pollen. You had something like this last year too. Are Yucca flowering. Or that Bottle-brush. Myself, I suspect that the mix of chemicals in drinking water does nothing to aid in this.

    8.5 eh. They don't make shoes in .5's over this side. :-D. They do make shoes for the European market where the sizing is more exact. Your size would be 'exactly' a 40.
    We get both and it causes my mind to enter meltdown mode anytime I go to buy a boot.

  2. Initially, the thought of allergies did pop into my head when I woke up with this, since I'm prone to that when stuff is in bloom and flying around. But I was also a bit achy, which isn't a sign of allergies. They've since gone, so who knows. Still stuffy and a slight headache this a.m., but do feel a bit better.
    Yes! I know my right from my left. :). There are about 5 other sizes on the shoe, for international wearers I assume.
    I know, wasn't that sad in the video. How nice the neighbors helped out, that doesn't seem to happen too much in the business world. I know right where it is, but never knew it was there. The video is a year or two old, so I thought it might have gone out of business since, but it's still there. I have to go downtown this next weekend, so I may swing by for a visit.

  3. Ohhh, I hope you are feeling better now!

    My head cold hasn't reached epic proportions and it is going away. Saturday I couldn't do back extensions because when I bent over my head and ears went "OHNOYOUDON'T!!" Today they were all, "OKFOR10BUTNOMORE!"

    So if I could just rest I know I would be fine. I hope you get the rest you need :)

    I buy Nikes for exactly the same reason..I know the size will odd you had to go through so much to get shoes. Hope you get to enjoy them soon!

    1. Thank you, I did not get much rest today. :) I actually felt ok most of the day, just stuffy - Even worked out and took the dog for a walk, which I didn't do all weekend. However now I feel like it's settling in my chest and that worries me more because of all my asthma issues.
      Oh, yes! My shoes are here and I wore them today! They're great! Super comfy. It was odd. The ones that were too small are the same "model" as a few pairs I have previously an 8.5. So who knows!

  4. I miss you...I haven't seen you in forever. Hopefully we'll get to work that Saturday together! GLAD I get to eat! :)Hope you are feeling better.

    1. I know! It's been too long.
      Not feeling worse, but don't have much of a voice, which is tiring.
      Fingers crossed Sat works out. :)

  5. Sorry that you have been feeling bad, hope you are on the road to recovery. I was born early in the morning and I am a morning person.