Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some Organization

A little over a year ago I switched the office and guest bedroom around due to space.  While the guest room is used sporadically, I’m in the office all the time and the art supplies were taking over the small room.  The extra square footage has been nice, but I’ve since found the walls caving in on me.  (Look quickly while I hide my head in shame.)

stuff 255

Due to poor organization and drawers/cupboards, supplies haven’t been easily accessible. Whenever I’m working on something, I end up pulling out everything I need and just leaving it out…hence the chaos. stuff 256

When the room was a guest room there were some small decorative shelves on the wall.  I started storing often-used supplies on them and decided I wanted shelves, lots of shelves.  A friend of mine built some for me this summer and installed them last weekend.  stuff 257 stuff 258

All my free time over the last week or so has been spent moving supplies from drawers and cupboard to my shelves.  Just looking at them makes me happy. 
stuff 267Now that the most used supplies are readily available, some of the drawers and cupboards are free.  My next step is to remove the less used materials into those drawers and cupboards and get rid of the rolling plastic carts.  stuff 265The best part about the shelves is clearing off the work table and having some room to work.
stuff 264
If you’ll notice in the messy pictures above I couldn’t even find the table before. 

Rigby photo-bombed a few of my photos yesterday.  She’s such a kook, rolling around and growling while I photographed the room…
stuff 259  stuff 260 stuff 261stuff 262


  1. Jeepers, but you've a lot of stuff (did you like my shifting from the word I wanted to use). The change looks really good.
    The good thing about before and after photos is you can see progress. I make the mistake of not doing that when I paint a room. I forget you see. Attention span of a fricking goldfish.
    I'll give you a tip, you need to change the light fitting too. As for certain there isn't enough light. But you should be aware it more than anything else will measure your use and time in that room. So be careful what type of light you use. You might try putting a cheap strip from a bigbox store on the floor behind the desk and bounce the light off the ceiling. That way you can get a few different bulbs of different temperature.
    P.S, I do like the louvres. They're real, not the pissant ones you usually see.

    1. Thanks, I do like the shutters a lot. They just do something to the rooms they are in. It's like they "finish" it.

      Yes, the room is EXTREMELY dark. During the day it's fine because I can open the shutters and let in the light. In the evenings though, it's very yellow. The color of the room was nice for a guest room, but now I think it contributes to the darkness. I've tried other, brighter lights in the room, but I've found them so harsh and difficult on my eyes. I like the idea of putting the light behind me. I hadn't thought of that.

    2. Yeah, sorta bounce light over your work area by aiming it at the white ceiling. Yeah you'll have red in it but not near as much as now.
      You might even see if you can get dim-able LEDs. They run on nothing at all, costwise. But you'd need a lot of them for the same output of halogen spots.

      Yes, the louvers are big enough to see. They become an item of furniture.

    3. If I'd planned it better, I would have repainted the room BEFORE the shelves went up. Now that they're up, the chances of that happening are minimal. :)

  2. I love the shelves!! I have also found that baskets keep me organized....I love Rigby's closet with the map too!! She even posed for the photos :) My sewing room serves too many purposes so hopefully now that my kids are gone, (even though we are housing a volunteer coach for Stanford right now,) with the freeing up of one room as a guest room I can get furniture and blankets, etc out of the sewing room so I can actually use it. (Also fun to think about since I am so far away from it right now and don't actually have to do anything there :)

    1. Ha ha! I always have great ideas when I can't do anything about it!
      Rigby spent a lot of time in the pictures yesterday. I posted some of the other ones tonight. She's so goofy.
      That anti-closet was the job of the previous owners. When I bought the house, we noticed the doors were missing on one of the walkthroughs. The realtor asked their realtor about it and we were told the doors were in the storage shed but since the people were moving across country, they didn't have time to put them up. We stupidly believed them - come to find out the mirrored doors were cracked and they had actually removed/carpeted over the track to hang/run them on. So now it's an open space, perfect for a dog bed! :)

  3. New photo #2 and #3 are the same.

    Is she playing for attention or amusing herself.

    1. Nope, they are slightly different (notice the front leg) - a sequence of shots in the midst of a roll - the last one completely on her back with legs up in the air. :)
      I think both. I had just come home from work. She talks and howls and crawls around on her head. She's such a nut! The picture up above with her on the dog bed was after all the photos before were blurry due to all her wiggling, and I made her go lay down.

  4. Lucky to have someone to build that for you. Looks amazing!

  5. I love your new shelves! Very nice. You are a great organizer. I need to do that with our closet. It frightens me. I keep putting it off, but I really need to get on it! : )