Thursday, February 13, 2014

Funny Valentine

It’s that time of year…again.  Valentine’s Day!  As a semi-pro (meaning some of my friends BUY them from me) greeting card maker, I’ve made my share of Valentine’s Day cards.  They’re very pretty, if I do say so myself, but while browsing Pinterest I found a whole different kind of V-day card; Cards that made me laugh.  These are some of my favorites (pictures include links to the artist of each card).

il_570xN_501027741_iu7a il_570xN_557197181_6g72 il_570xN_539156946_1fg1 il_570xN_394350312_e4cu il_570xN_546198158_ru4x il_570xN_554608301_381oI like this one best I think. 


  And a few that are more risqué…





These are WAY better than froo froo. I’d much prefer to receive one of these, and I may have to rethink my own card making designs for this holiday.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

On a side complaining note, it was about 90 degrees today.  At dismissal with kids knee deep in Valentine’s paraphernalia it was so hot their candy was melting.  While we waited in the sun for the parents to come, one of the teachers said, “Valentine’s Day is my favorite summer holiday!”  And there was no place to stand in the the shade since none of the trees have their leaves…because it’s February!!!!!  I came home with a sunburn.  Ugh!  So more importantly, happy 4-day President’s-Day-Weekend!


  1. 90 degrees? No stinkin' way. These cards were so much fun. They made me laugh out loud. I like funny better than froo froo any day of the week! I hope you have a fun Valentine's Day weekend. Are you doing anything great?

    1. Just not having to go to work for 4 days makes it wonderful enough, but I've got a few plans. :)
      Yep, 90...I left for a walk this morning about 8:30 and it was already 80. Blah.

  2. The electric went on the 12th and has only just returned. We had trees snapped like if you held the stem of broccoli in one hand and took the head off with the other. I've never seen such violence.

    Anywoos, just what are V-cards saying anyway. I'd say they fall into to piles. Pile A, 'I'd totally do you'. Pile B, for the sake of peace I'm giving you this. It might shut you up for a while. But in truth it's probably a vain hope.

    Buy a hat. Something Daisy Buchanan might don to tease Jay Gatsby. A big semi floppy thing.
    In truth though I have little clue what the dickens you should put on to stay cool. I know for myself I'd be buying ice in 20"sq blocks and holding them for dear life.

  3. No power for three days? Ugh! Glad things are working again. Severe weather (cold/hot/snow/wind/ice) is setting records everywhere right now. A weird winter I think.
    If I had been prepared, sunscreen would have worked just fine, but who'd have thunk it would be needed in Feb.
    Oh, V-day is just lame anyways, but if it's for your latter reason, why even bother.

    1. Yep, three days. Candles, torches, and reading with an LED headlight. I was very lucky I have the gas cooker now. Lots on people were caught having electric cooking only.
      On V-day, I don't think men find it fun at all. We feel a bit extorted truth-be-told. Unless, there is a massive streak of Barney Stinson running in him.
      After I put up that comment it struck me that the reason for LA's existence is that very sunshine. But I don't know when I watched a film of a TV show that had the actual daylight. I don't know when I say that town hall of yours, something that was on my TV at least twice a week. I probably saw the thing more than you did.

    2. It is definitely mostly sunny here, but at this rate it'll be 200 degrees by the time July is here. :0) And you're probably right on City Hall - even I see it more on TV than in person. I've no reason to go into downtown very often.

    3. In the years I lived in London I don't think I saw Buck Pall. Of course I must've. Big Ben, yes, but only as the bridge is useful if you are heading southeast at certain times of the day. There are places that are destinations for those who 'aren't' living in the precincts that tend to be traffic black spots if you do.
      If ever I get to LA the town hall is one of the places I'd have to see, the tar pits, the Huntingdon and the Getty. And climb the San Gabriel.
      Hollywood sign, the studios, Orange Co. except for Marymount a long way back.

    4. Yah, there are those things you do as a tourist that a lifer doesn't do, very often anyway. I always thought if I ever lived in London I'd want to walk by Big Ben and that Parliament building everyday. So beautiful!
      Downtown is definitely where so much of our history is, and I am still in awe when I'm there because it has that before-the-1970s history that we lack everywhere else. City Hall is beautiful, and I visit the Getty at least yearly. I had never been to the tar pits until I took some students there about 12 years ago. That's something...right in the middle of the city. All good choices, except for maybe the OC. ;)

  4. I had some awesome weather when I was in CA. This week home has been snow. We have one more week of cold weather coming this week....I hope spring is around the corner.