Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Signs You Are An Only Child

About a month ago, China relaxed their “One Child” law.  This was mainly because the country was worried about future labor shortage.  I’ve also heard limited spousal candidates and waning elderly care played some part in the decision as well.   Now, families are allowed to have a second child if one of the parents is an only child.  Regardless of your thoughts on this policy, it did alleviate some of the overpopulation concerns, but it has led to difference concerns.  The majority of families here have multiple children and the only child is an oddity to some.  In China, there is a whole generation or two of only children and the oddity is someone with siblings. 

There have been tons of studies done on birth order and family sizes and there are pros and cons of each. As an only child myself, I loved it and hated it.   While there were activities (horses) I got to do and places I got to go because it was just me, I spent most of my life feeling smothered and asserting my independence – pretty typical only child characteristics.

This video cracks me up.  It is so true.  There are even “signs” I hadn’t thought of before that hit close to home. 

I do have to add one to the “What people say to only children” list.  For as far back as I can remember I have been asked, “Why didn’t your parents have other children?  Were you just too hard to handle?”  Yep!!!

And speaking of videos.  This commercial first aired Sunday night during the Super Bowl.  Since I didn’t watch the slaughter the game, I missed it.  I caught it tonight…ahhhhhhhh!

My teeth hurt it’s so sweet.  The Budweiser Clydesdales are always beautiful and then they add wiggly puppies.  Come on!!!


  1. The main sign for me is I (even today) don't get 'telling'. There was I happily with the run of every handtool on the farm the I could built everything from indian teepees to army forts. Basically whatever the Saturday morning film was about. Then if my cousins, spawned in Chicago, turned up I'd rope them into the game. Now I'd have told them that I shouldn't have things like hoof knives, pincers and what-have-ya various blades sharpie's at 8. But how do you make a tent for rebels if you can't cut the branches. Anyhow, the little s&*%$ would TELL. I still don't see where they won anything by doing it. And the next day if I wanted the knives all I had to do was climb the shelving and have them back before anyone knew.

    1. I first read this as telling meaning bossing or telling them what to do. But after rereading do you mean like telling on or tattling?

    2. Yes, telling as in tattling.

    3. :) That is actually one of my biggest pet peeves in the classroom. I did a quick review of my most prevalent tattlers this morning and surprise, they all have siblings. I wouldn't say all my "only child"ren never do, but it's rare. I guess we never had anyone to tell on so never learned that behavior.
      I will say that I've always been a rule follower - not sure if that's an only child thing, but could be - and it always irked(s) me when others don't follow the rules. I would stew over any wrong doings, but would never have tattled.

    4. But that's my point. We don't get the tattling because at core it about revenge.
      It was the same when I'd be in a relationship and she would do something to get back at me. I simply wouldn't get where it was coming from. But I think the telling is instant, relatively so, and within the parental parameters of not killing each other. It must be hell though to have a fellow conspirator(s) and informer wrapped up in something you 'have' to live with day in day out.

    5. I think in some respects not growing up with siblings in the home can cause some hindrance in social behavior. There are a lot of things that have to be worked out at a very young age with siblings that only children don't have a lot of experience with as a young child. Of course school helps with that for many. But I do think that certain characteristics of mine stem from that only child upbringing.
      In my classroom experience I find the tattling also comes from those who have difficulty behavior wise and are often getting into trouble themselves. They're the first to point out when someone else is in the wrong. I'm sure that comes from that conspirator/informer relationship you mentioned...and the retaliation too.

    6. The certain characteristics, would another singleton see them. I know I can easily survive with very little contact. In fact I need alone time like I need air. This can be taken the wrong way and read as rejection.
      And yes you are correct, multi-kid families see things and have to respond/react at a speed that can sometimes take months and a OOOOHH dawning of 'so that's what was going on'.

    7. That's the one! Ha ha! Among others, but space is a biggie.

  2. Great posts! My husband and I have an only's interesting to think if the video signs happened to him:)

  3. I like only children since I have one! I do have to say that most of the ones I know seem totally and completely spoiled and snobby! It worries me. My kid is definitely spoiled but I pray to God that he does not turn out snobby. I think people that think they are better than others are the worst. They are usually unkind and self absorbed. I can't stand that. Yuck.