Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes - Starbucks!

"G" joined our class when we returned from Winter Break about a month ago. He's very sweet, very bright, and I really enjoy talking with him. However, G can be a bit naughty at times. I'm sure a lot of it stems from being new and still testing the waters in his new room. Each morning, he and I have a little motivational chat to start the day. This morning was no exception. We talked on the walk from the playground to the room. I reminded him that yesterday was a good day, and he verbalized the positive behaviors he exhibited.
Me: I've seen you make strong choices, so I know you can do it.
G: I don't know about today though.
Me: Oh? Why not?
G: I might be feeling a little hyper today. That vanilla bean coffee I had from Starbucks hasn't worn off yet.
Me: I don't think Starbuck's coffee is made for 2nd graders. (I have to be honest that I was so taken back, I can't remember my exact words, but it was something like that.)
G: I know, but it's so good.

You're preaching to the choir "G"!

It also took every fiber of my being not to go wring the neck of the parent who went to Starbucks and bought her 7-year-old a FREAKING COFFEE!


  1. He has to be fibbing. No one would get coffee for a kid that age. And he must have no tastebuds whatsoever. The only way I can think is if it is floating in sugar. Hell, I was in my 30s before I could drink sugarless coffee.

  2. While it seem not giving coffee to a young child would be the expectation, the parenting choices I've seen over the last 14 years would make your jaw drop. It's apparently far easier to parent when you don't set boundaries. Who knew?!?! Of course, I'm not a parent...
    Although, initially I too thought it wasn't the whole truth. SB does serve kid friendly drinks - the same milk, sugar, and syrup minus the shot of espresso. And I'm still holding out hope that's the case. But there was just something in the way he was talking about it. It wasn't like he was repeating someone else's words about coffee intake. It sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I'll be researching this further. :)

  3. Get out of the city! I still don't let Kaish have coffee. That is crazy!

    You are a great teacher.