Sunday, December 20, 2015

A White Trash Christmas

Last night, I attended an annual white trash/elephant Christmas party.  In case you are not familiar, a white trash/elephant party (aka Yankee Swap) is a gift exchange of a less serious nature.  Party goers bring one (or more) gag-type gifts, gifts that are more funny than actually coveted, and during the party the gifts are exchanged using one of the many different gift exchanged games.  As long as no one takes it too seriously, it's usually a hoot.
My gift contribution this year is a regift from last year's party.
These two have spent the year in my garage just waiting to make their return to the white trash party. I think I hit the jackpot with this one !
After everyone arrived and were sufficiently full from drinks, appetizers, and dinner the gift giving began.  The host counted up the gifts and put that many numbers in a hat.  Each guest drew a number (or more if multiple gifts were brought).  That was the order we chose our gift(s).  The rules of the game...when it is your turn, you can either select an unwrapped gift or "steal" one of the already opened gifts.  If a gift is stolen, the person who lost it can steal or open something else.  After a gift has been in the hands of three guests, it is frozen and can no longer be stolen.  Let's be honest though, not too much is stolen from a white trash party.
Here are just a few of the choices...
A hairless cat shirt
 "Glamour" Beach Towels
 Horse Wine Bottle Holder
 A National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Uncle Eddie sweater.  Which, by the way, was stolen two times until it was frozen.
 Glittery lizard statue
 Tiger blanket
 Vegetable-themed kitchen decor
 Kitten blanket
Stripper alarm clock
After losing the Uncle Eddie sweater AND the tiger blanket, the sexy angels were unwrapped!  The look on his face says it all.  I did not think that my gift this year could top the sexy angels, but it may have...
 The handful of skeletal looking apostles might have nudged its way to the top.  This gift has been in the exchange for a couple of years now.  The original gift giver found it down in Tijuana and haggled with the seller who went from $50 down to $20.  Such a deal!!
 After a brief stint on my dining room table, the hands have retired to the garage until next year's party.
Or maybe I'll keep them there for a year or two and bring something new next year.  The hands might be a welcome sight after not being seen for awhile.  


  1. I'll take the Christmas Vacation sweater!

    I've never been to one of these, but my younger daughter has and was just explaining the rules to me the other day. They call it "Dirty Santa" and change things just a bit, but it's still the same basic thing. I think it would be great fun!!

    Yep...I'd be re-gifting what you got! ;)

    1. It is fun. I've been to a few "real" gift exchanges and this is way more light hearted and funny. Yes, that sweater was a hit. I'm going to be on the lookout after Christmas for something REALLY good for next year. :)