Monday, December 28, 2015

Odds and Ends

I have been enjoying my Christmas decorations this year and thought I might even keep them up at least until the new year.  But Saturday night the enjoyment wore off, and they needed to be taken down...NOW!  With my mom still in town, we worked together and got everything down and put away (even some purging of unused decorations) in about two and a half hours.  It's such a good feeling to have the rooms back to normal, less cluttered.
Speaking of decluttering, I've seen some information about the KonMari cleaning method over this past week.  It is supposed to be a no-holds-bar approach to tidying up with the main rule being if an item in your home does not truly bring you joy, then it should be removed.  I love that idea.  Some of the tips, like folding clothes so they stand up rather than flat in piles, is something I already do and that has been life changing.  I don't usually do a deep clean/purge until spring break, but this method is exciting me a little bit...I don't know if that should be depressing or not. :)
My mom came into town last Tuesday.  She flew into LAX and it took longer to get into the airport, pick her up, and get out of the airport than the entire trip to and from.  I HATE LAX.  I've been to a lot of airports, and many in cities just as busy as Los Angeles, and LAX is truly the worst one I've ever been to.  She left this morning, but out of Burbank instead.  The entire trip to and from, with a stop for coffee along the way, was only an hour.  It's too bad Burbank isn't always cost or time effective, because if it were I'd never go to LAX again.
I went to the salon and had a hair cut this afternoon.  While I know my stylist is the professional, I always leave amazed at how good she makes my hair feel and look.  And I always leave frustrated that I can't make it look like she does...not even close.
Author Robert Crais came out with a new Elvis Cole/Joe Pike novel last month.  This is the sixteenth book in the series, and I had listened to the previous fifteen books over the course of a year and half while walking the dog.  They are fun private detective stories, easy to get into, which is important when I listen to books.  I only have to pay some attention to know what is happening.  When the book came out, I put the audiobook on hold right away. Today, while returning from the airport, I got an email saying it was being held for me at the library.  The book is being added to iTunes as I write this.     I look forward to finishing the Daniel Silva book I'm in the middle of and getting started on this one!


  1. Make you happy ?. Your stuff doesn't make you happy. It's actively designed after tens of thousands of years to make life 'easier'. Happier me eye.
    OK. You go out and use a car payment to get a Dyson hoover. But you could go out an buy the low end suck thing and have enough money to hire a person to come in a use it for you for a month.
    As you know before Jessy I was getting into a house proud vein of manhood. Never a good look on a fella. I had different rails for hanging different types of curtains, Nuts eh.
    In my opinion it's not making you happier, nor if you've used it in the past year or two, but if it may be useful. There are enough prissy little harridans in ones daily life without importing them from Japan. And as much as I like Japanese styling I don't have a Sukiya-zukuri house.
    But in truth it's whatever rocks your boat.

    1. No, I understand what you are saying. But I do think that having things in your house, in your life, that aren't beneficial in some way just creates clutter. Maybe the term shouldn't be "joy" because things aren't supposed to do that, but rather "value"? I haven't read the book, just the summarized info that I found online, so it might be a an oversimplified idea. But I like the idea of going through the house and asking "why" something is there. You get to the point that there is no more room for ANYTHING, that's when I know it's time to purge.
      When I was packing up the Christmas stuff this past weekend, there were quite a few things that were left in the boxes when I decorated in the first place. Things that I didn't want to put out, but kept for one reason or another - mostly because my parents gave it to me when they moved to Hawaii and so I just kept it or gifts that weren't my taste or style which I kept because I didn't know what else to do with it. When we were putting the stuff I did use away, it was a good opportunity to analyze the stuff that wasn't put out. And most of it got tossed - no sense if keeping it if doesn't have value or use.

  2. How nice that you had your mother there to help with the un-decorating. Having assistance (or just company while doing) can make an unenjoyable chore more pleasant. The extent of my decorating this year was to put a snowman on the front door and a snowflake on my carport door. And I feel no guilt for being a Scrooge.

    It's been awhile since I've done a good "purge" of the house/closets. Maybe you've inspired me. :)

    I've not read any of the Robert Crais books, but heard good things. Not that I need another series to read! I already want to continue on with the Louise Penny mysteries, not to mention additions to the billion other series I already read!

    1. Yes, the un-decorating is the worst part about the whole affair. I like simple to put up and simple to take down (the snowflakes being an exception of course :) and think your decorating sounds perfect!!
      Yes, there are SO MANY series out there and to keep pace with them is difficult. I don't tend to read-read them because of book club books taking most of my time, but I devour them on my walks. After getting through all the Michael Connelly books (he has two series) Crais was recommended. Similar in style to Connelly and both authors' stories take place in LA, so that's fun. The main characters are also likable and in series they are familiar which makes them easy to get into. There are a number of books I've read this year where the main character isn't all that likable, and that makes for a tough read, in my opinion.

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying your break!
    I agree about LAX....I will only fly in there late at night so I can get in and out.
    Happy New Year!!

  4. Yes yes yes, I am! But now it's more than halfway over, and that just make me sad. :(
    This last trip to LAX was at 11PM and it was still a ZOO! Gah!
    Thank you and to you as well!