Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is That What Crazy Sounds Like?

For the last few months there have been random moments when I have to stop in my tracks due to hearing a very quiet tune playing.  It's so quiet that I cock my head and listen, hoping to figure out where it's coming from, to no avail.  I think hearing non-existent things is a sign that one is losing her mind?
This past weekend I was in and out of the garage more than usual.  On one of the pass throughs, the little ditty began again, but much louder and clearer this time.   "A-ha!" I thought. "There it is!"  Which took me on a frantic search around the garage looking for it.  Thinking it was some kind of notification on my car, that was the first place I looked.  But the tune came and went in a matter of seconds, so I still had no proof that it wasn't all in my head.  Later in the day, I made another visit to the garage to move the soon-to-be finished clothes from the washing machine to the dryer.  There was just a minute left on the cycle so I waited until it was finished.  That's when I heard...
So yah, the song I've been randomly hearing is the signal that my washer or dryer have finished a load - an LG trademark, if you will.  It made me shake my head in amusement, and a bit ashamed of myself that it took quite some time realize these machines announce their doneness in song.  On the other hand, at least I'm hearing real tunes rather than imagining them!


  1. It's a usually question isn't it. You usually start the machine before you head out to work and so don't hear the finale of the thing. Or is it that the fire door to the garage is reallllllly good.
    I can readily see how it's something you'd pick up 'on the air' as it's a blooming piercing sound.
    It's a bit like the fire/smoke detector. Something I tested last week to the chagrin of a little girl who decided to say 'fuck this, I'm off' and out she went and didn't come back in for 4 hours.
    Can you switch it off. It's not as if you are getting an hours work out of a maid is it, and keeping her busy. that;s the sort of thing that'd drive me to distraction.

  2. Exactly! I only do laundry once, maybe twice, a week. And it was quiet enough that I only ever heard it when I was near the garage, which wasn't all the time. It always took a moment to register that it was even being heard. By that time it was over, so it was quite ghostly. :). And it was always forgotten shortly after, so it was a surprise each time I heard it. Anyhow, I'm glad I figured it out.
    No, I'm the only maid in the home, so it's certainly isn't going off all the time. This isn't my exact machine, but in the comments it mentions that the sound is just the "signal" and that can be turned on and off with a button. Now that I know what it is, it's not annoying at all...far better than the cranky buzzing sound on my last machine. :). It's a happy tune!

  3. Isn't it satisfying to track down and pinpoint something like this! Nothing is more frustrating than to hear something and not be able to figure out what it is.

    Mine has a loud ding that begins once it senses there little moisture left in the load. It repeats at intervals with a final ding before it cuts off. Not as fun as your tune, but better than a buzzer. :)

    I'm laughing at Vince's comment regarding the smoke detector. That's certainly a noise that can clear a room of dogs!

    1. Yes, those alarms are something aren't they/ Even worse, when the battery is dead and it just beeps, usually in the middle of the night when the last thing you want to do is change it.

  4. I was thinking about this. I have a tune in my head sometimes. If I play some things I hear it from inside. It allows me to correct any errors. The go to tune ATM is Dixie, before, it was the Blackadder theme. Years ago it was Lara theme from Dr zivago. The only thing is I know that I am not hearing them.
    But what took me the longest time to work out was when I switched on the notifications from Amazon for the black Friday offers. I could not find what was wakening me. I happen ed to be watching YouTube when it comes in. I growled :-)

    1. Oh definitely! Aren't those called earworms? I get songs stuck in my head all the time. Sometimes after hearing them for real and sometimes they just appear or something sparks them. I'm not usually bothered by them unless one lasts for days or I wake up singing it. :)
      We're about two weeks into practicing our December traditions program at school - 45 minutes of practice singing the same songs over and over and over again day after day with two more weeks to go. Talk about tunes in the head!!!
      Black Friday?!? Do the shops do that THERE too? If so, I'm sorry about that. ;)

  5. I wrote one on the tablet last night. Probably just as weel it vanished. We're going through a Cat Red storm right at this moment. I thought the bird feeders would be five counties over, Wales in other words. When I saw them last night they were upsidedown on the hooks. But all well, all are here. :-)

    You're a ways (and safe) from that hell in San B. 60-100 miles anyway ?.

    1. The other comment was sitting in an awaiting for moderation folder - it apparently doesn't like anonymous postings. :)
      While I like big storms (since we only have them every 20 years or so), when you hear what they're doing to the outside of your home, it's disconcerting. I'm glad all is well for the time being.
      Yah, no, all is well where I am (knock on wood), physically anyhow. Thank you for asking. We're an hour plus away.
      It's been a violent and very disheartening last few weeks, hasn't it. After the one in Colorado last week the U.S. has had more mass shootings than days in the year this year.