Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Snowflakes? Check!

The finished product...
Since Sunday, about 150 more snowflakes were made and added to complete the rest of the ceiling.  I'm pleased with the results, although already starting to wonder how to take it all down in an orderly manner.   The pictures do not do it justice however.  The ceiling looks quite "hole-y" directing the camera upwards, but it actually looks pretty full standing under them.  After playing with the light in the room, it has been determined that the bright lights make the snowflakes very bright white, but also spotlights the fishing line strung across the room.  The lower light keeps the line hidden.
I'm actually feeling quite accomplished after imagining and then finding a remote control gadget that turns all my Christmas lights on at the same time.  The remote has three sensors that can be plugged into any electrical outlet and then the lights are plugged into that.  With the touch of a button I can turn them all on, rather than run around and plug in/unplug everything in the room.
With all the time spent on room preparations, I've still got about 100 pages left in my book for tomorrow's bookclub...gotta go read!!!


  1. That really looks good. You should be proud of those efforts.
    And cool your jets and embrace the season. Because of you I've put up some roof trim lights and window ones too. Plus I have my first tree since that first year Jessy came. A tiny one, sits in a flowerpot and with strands of optic fibre run with a set of AAA's.

    1. Oh, I'm glad you put lights up on the house. That's nice. It's very festive. I like walking through the tracks this time of year and seeing all the decorations outside. They're very pretty. And they definitely get you more into the spirit of things than NOT decorating does. :)
      Does Jessy bother the tree? Rigby ate a baby Jesus ornament off the dog sitter's tree when she was a puppy, but since doesn't seem to care about it.

    2. Ahh, no, the tree is well off the ground and not anywhere near as big as your one, and fake. Basically it's a means to hold up the optic fibre.
      I didn't ask about the book cause I knew you'd do a review.
      Ohh, don't use A4 copy paper when you store them. The bleach will yellow them.

    3. Do you mean a4 copy paper to make them and then store? Too late! :) They're all just made with that regular cheap paper. There wasn't anything as thin, and it had to be thin.

  2. I think the end result looks fantastic! Well done!!

    So what will happen to them at the end of the season? Will you try store them to use again next year? Take them to school to decorate your classroom for winter?

    Finish that book - I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it! Also looking forward to hearing about the reactions from your guests this evening to your hard work decorating. :)

  3. Thank you, yes, everyone was very complementary. It was very festive, which went along with the book's setting of Sweden during a snow storm. :)
    What to do with them in a couple of weeks, well that is the question isn't it?!? I don't want to make them all again. While the first few were fine, it was a lot of work. I'm thinking if I can store them flat in a box, they might last another season or two? I'm also contemplating keeping the lights up all the time. It makes the room very cozy and I'm a sucker for lights. Although I'm not sure if it'll get tacky after awhile. What I perplexed on is the fishing line. It was a bear to put up, but I'm not sure I want to leave it up all year.
    The book got finished! I will post about it this weekend.

  4. Do you believe I still haven't decorated? I know that I must. #WorstMomEver