Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Little Too Much Goodness

This time of year is not my favorite as far as fruit goes.  For the last few months I've been feasting on navel oranges, but they've petered out over the last couple of weeks and have gone dry and mealy.  Although apples are in the stores, it's not really their season and after od-ing on them in the fall buying apples isn't all that appealing.  Early versions of summer fruit like grapes and cherries and strawberries pop up here and there, but they are either from Mexico or South America or mediocre versions of their summer selves.  The last couple of weeks I've left the grocery store disappointed with fruit choices and purchases - I've come home with bananas which aren't a favorite of mine.  They mostly ripen on my counter because I just don't really like bananas.
Friday afternoon I stopped by the store on my way home from work.  I passed by the 99 cent pineapples a few times while browsing my uninspired choices.   I do like pineapple, but don't often buy it because they take a lot of effort to cut/core and, once cut/cored, they don't last long enough for me to eat.  I end up wasting most of it.  With limited options though, I checked a couple of the pineapples and desperately decided to come home with one.
Feeling scurvy setting in after a few weeks of bland fruit, I took the time to get the pineapple ready as soon as I got home.  While cleaning up the mess I snacked on a pineapple chunk or two.  While packing it up into a storage container I ate a few more pieces.  And then I pulled the container back out of the fridge and ate a few several more pieces.  This 99 cent pineapple was delicious!  But before I knew it, about a third of the pineapple was gone.  Which wasn't that much of a concern, it is fruit after all, but as I ate the last couple of pieces, my entire mouth and tongue broke out in canker sores.  The only time this ever happens is when I go to Hawaii to see my mom.  Pineapple bingeing is common there because it's everywhere and in anything.  This was the first time it's happened here at home though.  I woke this morning and the cankers were gone.  Today, I was less aggressive in my pineapple eating and so far, so good.


  1. ROTFLMAO (Royal Irish).

    Still you have to take care for them and grapefruit can really bollix-up your antihistamine. And other medicine. Not quite sure why exactly.
    Ohhhh, on that topic see if you have Levocetrizine. It's a 4th generation AH, and it's a blooming miracle so far anyway. I can breath and fill my lungs through my nose for the first time ever.

    I'm kinda amazed you've not used one of the pineapple extractors. You top them and tail them and skin them. Then you set this thing over the middle core woody bit and push down. You probably need to put the chopping board on the floor to get purchase on the big ones you've got over there. We only get medium fruit so easier to do on a counter. And you end up with segments that fall into segments like the bought ones in the tin.

    1. I wil check out that AH because it's been a bad year so far allergy-wise, for everyone!.
      I do have an apple corer that I could probably use, but no I've always just used a knife.

    2. Wow. I saw a thing on Amazon that takes out the flesh without touching the skin or core. Leaving you with a container for ice-cream, or perhaps liquids. I think the core guides the tool down into the flesh.
      And yeah, a big apple corer About the size of a saucer but waaaay more substantial than the one for apples.
      But in truth it's just me probably and my fetish for cheap useless gadgets that live in a box. How many fricking times would you cut a pineapple that a sharp knife wouldn't do the job not only adequately but 10 time more efficiently :-).
      A bit of a worry the far right is even with the greens in Austria. And while Austria could never be said to be left, at least they were fairly liberal. But the sheer size of the poor and underemployed is vast and leading towards real dangers. Listening to the BBC 8am morning news while writing.

    3. Funnily enough, this was on Facebook today...
      It looks like it might be a lot of work, all that twisting!
      I don't know why the poor and undervalued continue to vote against their own interests. If their far right is anything like ours, they aren't doing anything to help those citizens and tend to be the ones who have created the mess we do have. But with fear tactics - blaming the immigrants, blaming the gays, blaming planned parenthood, blaming everyone but the people who are actually causing the problem. But I think I've said that before. :)

    4. Yep, that's the yoke I saw. It's a buy I'd make at 11.00pm at night when my natural resistance is lowered. I'd deffo buy it if it was marked down to $7.99 all day long. Use it twice, and then it would migrate further and further away.

  2. Pineapple is one of those fruits I never buy fresh... but my younger daughter does and can always pick really good ones!

    Ouch on the sores! My aunt use to have that problem when she ate strawberries, and I've known others to experience it with tomatoes (which is one reason I love yellow tomatoes - less acidic).

    I was just telling the produce manager at my local store that I'd be glad when the California grapes were available. We've have some good foreign ones lately, but those are the best!

    Bananas are a staple at my house and we eat them year round. Yum!

    1. I'm prone to cankers - walnuts, pineapple, sometimes tomatoes. "They" say it's more about your personality type (A) than the foods you eat, but the foods tend to exasperate them. Most of the food ones go away rather quickly. The others are bad and will last forever. I finally got some medicine from the dentist and that is a miracle. Unless I get them in my throat and then it's just miserable. This bout was an easy recovery, thankfully.
      I LOVE when grapes are in season. They are so hit and miss right now. I don't like mushy grapes and most have been that way. It takes a bit of time for them to get big and taut. :)
      Ripe bananas are a fruit that I can't stand. I like them if they are green and firm, as soon as they yellow or get the brown spots they are too sickly sweet for me. The ones in the store the last couple of weeks have been yellow to start with.

    2. Up until recently, the only way I'd eat a banana was on the green side (and that optimal timeframe was only about 5 minutes!) Riper bananas were only good for making banana bread and you can only make just so much of that before the freezer is filled. Anyway...I've since learned that I love using the riper ones in my morning oatmeal since they're sweeter and I don't mind their texture there. Also, when they get too ripe for that, I peel, slice, and freeze them to make my "ice cream". That said - I still only eat them as a snack while they're on the greener side (if I can catch that 5 minute window of opportunity!). :)

    3. That's why I don't care for banana bread or cookies...those darn ripe bananas! :)
      They're quick ripeness is what limits my purchase of them. I'd have to go buy one every day to really enjoy them.

  3. We have just completed our strawberry season here and it was a good one. Tennessee strawberries are good, but not nearly as tasty as the ones from my native state of Arkansas. Ditto tomatoes. Now we are on to peach season and we are close enough to Georgia to get some of theirs which are delicious. The acidic fruits used to do the same thing to my mouth but I seem to have outgrown it. So maybe in 30 years or so, there will be relief!

    Love bananas when they are not too ripe. There are all kinds of supposed methods to keep them from ripening too fast but the best I've found is to only buy a few at a time and eat them before they get that way!

    I had an unfortunate experience with pineapple on my Hawaiian honeymoon when I ate WAY too much and my stomach rebelled. My new wife got to know me way sooner than she would have preferred!

    1. Ha ha! Not funny at the time I'm sure, but funny now. OD-ing on pineapple in Hawaii is a common occurrence. :)
      Our fruit runs a bit later than yours it seems. Which I find kind of odd with our warmer weather all year. It hasn't been cold since January. Strawberries and cherries are getting close, and the stone fruit will be ready late June/July. The fruit (and the vacation) is the best part of summer as far as I'm concerned. These few months leading up to it are kind of bleh.

  4. Almost all the fruit at our market is delicious right now. Last week I spent almost $100 on fruit and vegetables. Can you believe that? : )