Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Want Leftovers!

For Thanksgiving this year, my family celebrated earlier in the week. About 7 members traveled to Egypt on Thanksgiving day so in order to be together we planned our delicious turkey meal before they left.

When celebrating at someone else’s house, leftovers can be iffy. Usually I end up with a couple of small, Ziploc baggies to take home with me. No matter how small, I REALLY enjoy that turkey sandwich the next day.

This year however, the host (my cousin) was one of the travelers leaving for 2 weeks and therefore didn’t prepare a butt-load of food as is usually prepared. After everyone ate “Thanksgiving” dinner, there was hardly anything left. So, unfortunately, that meant no leftover turkey sandwich for me! How selfish of them.


  1. Oh, now that IS sad. I'm sorry. I've been enjoying leftovers. So much so that I think I want them for breakfast this morning.

  2. Oh, I am sorry. There is nothing better than "Thanksgiving on a bun": turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberries on a day-old dinner roll).

    We have lots of leftovers, but I doubt they would survive the trip to your house. =(

  3. I know, huh?

    We went to my SILs, so I bought a turkey that I will roast tomorrow so I can have leftovers next week.

  4. We got one heaping plate of leftovers. I thought we would all share it : ) And then Kaish and Shoshi and I went to a paint your own pottery place yesterday and when we came home, guess what? GARY ATE IT ALL. I guess I will keep him anyway!

  5. I know what you mean about going to someone else's place for Thanksgiving and not getting any (or much) leftovers to take with you.

    I think Thanksgiving leftovers are as much of a tradition as the dinner itself.

    I always try to send people away with heaps of leftovers should they come to my place... except the pumpkin pie. I will not part with my pumpkin pie.

  6. I made a big ol' TG dinner the day before so I could head south and work on the money pit....leaving all the leftovers-and there were tons- for my kids and their friends to eat....what I would give for a heaping plate of TG right now!!

    Happy Sunday, lMnop
    *Are you still making cards? I would like to buy more for Xmas gifts.

  7. I didn't get any either cause we traveled and didn't host. How am I supposed to make the left over casserole that Liv's class sent home? Guess we'll have to make a Thanksgiving dinner together and share the left overs!

  8. They didn't check with you before cooking "just enough" food for Thanksgiving?
    I let my daughter take all the leftovers home. BUT....I will buy a turkey breast in the next week or so. I love cooking turkey all year around. And, I can have a few more turkey meals.

  9. I haven't had leftovers for ages because we always visit for Thanksgiving, and carrying home leftovers is usually impractical. This year we did have a couple of slices of pumpkin pie - that was very welcome the next morning at breakfast.