Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Big

  • As if President Obama didn’t already have enough criticism, he had go and bow in respect to Japan’s leader. Stupid, stupid man. Certainly this IS the most important thing that is going on in the world. I’m so glad the news is focused on this issue.
  • This week is taking FOREVER! I always think the week before a vacation will be great…the end is in sight. However, every time it seems as if the week goes on and on.
  • The weather is finally cooling off here in SoCal, thank goodness! It is starting to feel like fall. In fact I got to wear a pair of my new boots just this week.
  • Speaking of new boots, Grandma J asked for pictures of my newly purchased Zappos boots.

    boots3 boots2


  • I’m happy that the weather is changing not only so I can wear my new boots, but also because I plan on decorating my house for Christmas during my Thanksgiving week off. It was going to be really hard to decorate for Christmas when it was 90 degrees outside.


  1. Cute boots! I am glad to hear that the "cooler" weather has arrived.

  2. You know PD, George Washington's biographers report that he preferred bowing to shaking hands, especially when it came to his official functions. He felt it was more dignified.

  3. I am with Jason again. I keep reading 'boots' as boobs.