Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Big
  • I don’t like Sundays.  I don’t think I ever have or ever will.  By choice, I don’t do anything on Sundays.  I prefer to stay in my jammies, catch up on my recorded shows, and hope the day doesn’t go by too fast.  However, since my dad died, Sunday is the day that I usually miss him the most.  Probably because I’m not preoccupied with work, or errands, or whatever else I am doing. 
  • I had another back incident last night.  I have had one every week or so for the last couple of months.  I think they are lower back spasms of some kind but they make me feel sick to my stomach as well.  They seem to start right around the time I’m going to bed and then I spend about 2-3 hours writhing around in pain.  I thought I had narrowed it down to days when I sat down too much, but yesterday I didn’t do much sitting around at all.  So now I’m perplexed. 
  • I am so looking forward to my week of vacation for Thanksgiving.  My class is FINALLY starting to settle down and we’re getting things done, but it was a painful and tiring process getting there.  They wore me out and I need a break.
  •   I met up with another high school friend who I reconnected with through facebook.  We met for coffee this weekend and it was a lot of fun to catch up.  I’ve given FB a bad time, but I have to admit that even though it was a bit overwhelming at first, I’m starting to settle in with it.
  • Have you shopped on yet?  OMG!  It is shoe heaven.  Over the last couple of weeks I have been on a mission to find a cute pair or boots that fit well.  That’s how I discovered Zappos.  You can order as many pairs as you want with free shipping, try them on, wear them until you know if they work or not, and then send them back with free return shipping.  I did that a few weeks back and found a great pair of boots in brown.  I then wanted a pair in black so I ordered some more with the same free shipping.  However I got an email right afterwards stating that since I was such a good customer they were upgrading me to overnight shipping, for free!  Like I said, Heaven!


  1. Okay, don't ask any questions. Just get this book:

    Healing Back Pain (Sarnos):

    You can get a used one on Amazon for under $2. I used to have back problems on an ongoing basis that sound a lot like yours. All I did is read this book and I haven't had a problem in nearly 3 years now.

    I'm serious. This is the solution. =)

  2. So sorry about your back, now show us some pics of those boots!

  3. Those back pain episodes sound just awful! I hope you find relief soon.

    Thanks for the Zappos recommendation. I couldn't imagine buying shoes online because I am a difficult fit, but it seems like this might be something I can work with!

  4. Are you going to get your back checked out?

    Zappos is pretty awesome. I haven't shopped with them, but I saw a segment about them on a show. The CEO is super young and really focused on customer service and the people who work there really like working there.

  5. I thought Grandma J said, " show us a picture of those boobs!"

    I'm seeing now that whenever I see the word boots, I read "boobs".

    If you hadn't noticed.

  6. Yes, show us a picture of your new boobs. So we can say things like "Nice boobs", "Let me try on those boobs for size" ", "These boobs don't fit", "Thigh-high boobs", "How often do you polish those boobs?", "Do those boobs come in a different colour?", and last but not least "How many pairs of boobs do you have?"

    (I thought that if I actually wrote boobs, Jason would read 'boots')

  7. LOL. Well, how can I top all of that?

  8. I feel ya on Sundays. They go by too fast too! And I am definitely checking out Zappos. I just started buying shoes online because I don't like shopping so this will be great.

  9. You are so cool! I can NOT believe that you are already a special customer at zappos. Everyone in the whole world can see your greatness Pumpkin!

    I swear by my chiropractor since my car accident. I just love him.

    I cry when I think of your Dad. I can't imagine how hard that is. Know that I think of you.