Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, Shoot, That Changes Everything!

I went in last week to see my regular stylist.  It was time for a trim.  While in the chair, the stylist’s sister came in and we were introduced.  We have a mutual friend and as we talked she said, “I just love your hair.  I’ve always wanted red hair.”  I uncomfortably thanked her (notorious for not taking compliments well) when what she said sunk in.  Red hair!?!?  Do I have red hair?  I’ve always thought I had blonde hair.  Have I gone through my entire life under the misconception that I am a blonde?
lady-face-cartoon-clip-art womans_face_with_red_hair_clip_art_12975

My dad had red hair, but as a little kid I had very light blonde hair, almost white.  As I’ve gotten older my hair has darkened a bit and I do have (what I’ve always thought) were red highlights.  Still, when I’m in the sun, it definitely lightens.

Whatever the color may be, it got me thinking about hair color stereotypes.  I have been told every easy, dumb blonde joke known to man, but I am not dumb nor am I that easy.  That blonde stereotype doesn’t really fit me.

Researching the redheaded stereotype I found… “A common belief about redheads is that they have fiery tempers and sharp tongues.”  Hmmmm, that sounds vaguely familiar. 

I’m currently reading The Gate House by Nelson DeMille.  The main character states the following about his wife, “Susan is impatient and stubborn, like most redheads.”  Very interesting.

Recently, the following quote was heard on television, “Stop being such a redhead,” after a particularly sassy comment was made. 

That stereotype fits me to a T (or is it tee or tea?).  Maybe I really do have red hair.

What stereotype does your personality live up to?


  1. I'm blonde. Every hair on my body except eyebrows and eyelashes, themses are jet-black.
    Years ago I grew a mustache. A lovely thing it was. Until one day I happened to view myself in a mirror from a distance. You couldn't see it. It blended into the slight tan on my face. I was gutted, as I was truly proud of the thing.

  2. Being a natural blonde, myself, I was never taken seriously. So I decided to become a brunette. I think it suits me. Wouldn't you say?
    Yes, I have always thought of you as a strawberry blonde. I don't find you ditzy. I know you're not that. Are you really hot-tempered?
    I want to know? m.

  3. You are a blonde and that's my final answer.

    I'm a virgo and I can't begin to tell you how many people think I'm a typical virgo B&*ch!

    The Chick.fil.A pic was in Lag.Niguel. They have kids night on Tuesday from 5-7. I don't know if they all do it.

  4. @Vince - ha! after all that work to not even be able to see it!

    @Mark - ya you are lucky. I've never been anything but sweet to you, but you've never done me wrong. If you ever do...watch out! :)

    @GJ - I'm right on the virgo/libra cusp. A double whammy!