Saturday, April 30, 2011

Little Monster Trivia

Every year, our school district holds a trivia night for its staff and their friends and family.  All proceeds for the night go to charity. 

Although it's not really a costume night, my team has decided to make it one for the last couple of years.  We did not disappoint this time.

Preparations began months ago.  Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters was our theme even though the trivia night’s theme was luau.

 food 001food 017 Accessories were purchased.

food 002Hair color was decided upon.

 gaga glasses
And costumes were made.

About 3 hours before the event preparations began.    food 011 food 021

Make up was applied and lashes were glued.

food 007Decisions were made.

food 009food 013 Wigs were fluffed and heads were capped.

food 015
Stockings were torn, I mean worn.

After hours of preparation, we were ready to answer tough trivia questions.
    food 024
We piled into the car and were off!

Other than the dressing up, the best part of trivia night is that a local Episcopal church donates its multipurpose room for the event.  For a few of us there’s nothing quite so fun and bizarre than to be selling and drinking alcohol in church.

Upon arriving at the church, we made our entrance.  Other trivia goers, dressed in their Hawaiian shirts, stared. 

food 031 
Some smiled, others scowled at our pure sexiness. 
food 054
Shortly after arriving, it was time to get down to business…drinking our pink lemonade martinis and looking pretty.  Oh, and there was also something about trivia.
food 052
So we also tried to do some thinking.  Which can be tough at a table full of “blondes”!

Our favorite part of the night was in between the rounds when we could strut our stuff. 

food 033food 057
We danced

food 038
and horrified mingled with our fellow colleagues.

Throughout the night, we were hanging around the middle of the standings showing our trivia prowess.  After the the last round, we didn’t stick around to find out, but we pretty much landed into last place.
That is probably what happens when you spend more time preparing your outfit than memorizing trivia.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

food 051
At the end of the night, we all returned to our homes. Time to remove the costumes and go back to normal.  What a shame.


  1. Let me get this correctly. Your employer, the one that doesn't pay very well, organized a regiment of you into giving up not only your precious spare time but also your cash. Thereby gaining brownie points from you and from the wider community for its generosity with your money. :)

  2. Oh, and I must add the charity is actually for employees(or their families) of our district who have suffered catastrophic illnesses. So we're happy to do it.

  3. Totally transferring!

    The picture of Mike and NC is priceless!

  4. Looks like a blast! Are you planning next year's costumes yet?

  5. @jlo I know right!?!? So funny!

    @M no not yet. We thought that the Charlie sheen "winning" theme would be funny and way less work, but another table came as that and they weren't very much fun. We did jersey shore last year and that was a riot...big hair, fake tans, stilettos, fun fun fun!

  6. You all looked awesome!! So wish I could have done it this year, but next year it's on! Did some people really scowl?

  7. How fun! Now you have to figure out how to up the ante next year.

  8. Oh my gosh, how fun! YOu all looked like you ahd a total blast!!! Love, love, loved it. Except as always the picture of you is missing, grrrrr

  9. Oh my gosh, how fun! YOu all looked like you ahd a total blast!!! Love, love, loved it. Except as always the picture of you is missing, grrrrr

  10. So much fun! Cigarettes, booze, and a third thing that shall not be named in church!

    Except that third thing never really materialized, as much as I offered.

    And...@Jill, I'm just excited to have this awesome photo of Kim's amazing eyelashes!

  11. Too bad you couldn't go to school like that on Monday : ) THAT would be something else, right?

  12. Drinking in church! Well aren't we full of ourselves?
    Love it!
    Your Friend, m.